Our Housewarming Party

IMG_1745I have to hand it to Alex. This whole thing – a fifties themed housewarming – was really his idea. He says the sole reason he wanted to do it was because of he wanted to fill his Pepsi holder with glass bottled Pepsi and use his Pepsi wall-mounted bottle opener. But, he did what a good event planner does – he took an idea and ran with it and came up with a great event.

The details:
Our spread included some fifties-themed food: pineapple upside down cake, pinwheel sandwiches, a cheese ball, SPAM, and jello (which was too stubborn to come out in the mold). And some popular fifties themed cocktails – White Russians, Singapore Slings, and Sea Breeze – the last being the clear favorite with our guests.


And finally, though the decorations were sparse – we had a picture of Ike and a few boxes of candy cigarettes placed through the living room.

A few of our friends did dress-up so we got some fun pictures…



And finally, one of our most honored guests of the evening was our Realtor who made this whole thing possible. We’re incredibly thankful for him, his patience, and attitude through the whole process and for God’s provision of a kind man who loves him like we do to walk us through buying our first home.


*More house pictures in my next post – I promise!


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