Chicago Recap


This year we took Spring Break with Aunt Michelle and left Daddy in Williamsburg to run the B&B. It was the longest any of us have been away from him. We all appreciated the change of pace for the first few days but were very happy for the reunion when it was over!

It rained most of the first few days but here are the highlights of our trip.



11 months

IMG_6233Though some mom’s may disagree – I find 11 months with #2 is an easier pill to swallow than it was with #1. Baby D brings so much joy to our lives and fits in so naturally that even though it’s been a jam-packed first year of life for him, we’re at that point where we don’t remember what life was like as just a family of three. This time too, I know what fun one is (and beyond for that matter!). I so look forward to hearing his true voice and watching his personality come out. I can’t wait watch friendship blossom between him and his brother and witness their adventures. It goes without saying that I miss baby snuggles to a degree, but I’ve grown to realize I love toddlers and preschoolers too so I joyfully state that I’m ready to move into the next phase.

At 11 months, D is┬átotally mobile. Climbing on everything, pulling up and crawling like crazy. It’s fun to have a crawler because J never really did.

He has 5 teeth and 5 words. Da-da, Ma-Ma, Na-Na (his generic word for food), Dog, and Ball. He loves J and thinks he’s big time when we let him “play” ball or when we chase J up and down the hall or on bikes.

He’s an attention seeker and he’s goofy. I remarked at dinner tonight that it will be interesting to see how that develops in him. Not only does he have his Daddy to watch but he also has J. Good thing he has me to temper him ­čÖé He’s a sweet snuggler at bedtime and he’s learned how to give kisses which are almost exclusively reserved for bedtime as well. He’s a great sleeper and is still taking two solid naps each day. Teething has been a slight disruption in nighttime sleep but overall it’s been manageable.

Birthday celebration plans are underway. Onward to 1 dear baby. Onward to 1!

A day in our life

I mentioned a while ago I wanted to jot down what our days look like. Mostly for my memory. This is a non-preschool day for us in this season of life.

5:30AM – my alarm goes off and I hop in the shower
6:00AM – the boys wake up. Little J walks in our room and baby D talks in his bed. They get their milk and we read a book on the couch
7:00AM – Alex leaves for the B&B, we make breakfast. Little J picks out a cereal and a CD for us to listen to. His favorites are Star Wars and other movie soundtracks (Lion King, Braveheart, the Patriot, and We Were Soldiers).
8:00AM – Baby D goes down for a nap. I grab my computer and catch up on emails and start a few projects for the day while J watches a little TV. After his show is over we play games, go outside or do art projects.
Between 9:30 and 10:00 – Baby D wakes up. We play or run errands. I try to get outside everyday.
12:00PM – we eat lunch. Again, little J picks out a CD. We clean-up.
12:45PM – we start our nap time routine. D goes down first. I read three books with J, turn off his lights and lay by him. We sing a song. He always asks me “mommy can you sing me one more┬ásong and sleep in my bed five minutes?”
1:15/1:30 – I get back to my email and my projects. I make phone calls if I need to.
3:00/3:30 – I hear stirring from one or both bedrooms. More milk. Another book to read on the couch. We play and wait for Daddy to come home. If we have a sitter, she’ll manage them while I finish up my work for the day or have meetings.
4:30 – Playtime with daddy. On nice days, it’s baseball outside. On rainy days, it’s soccer or hockey inside. D watches and chews on whatever suits his fancy.
5:15/5:30 – I finish up work and start dinner.
6:00 – we eat dinner and clean-up. Then it’s off to bed for the littlest. He’s in bed by 6:30 six out of seven days a week.
7:00 – We start J’s bedtime routine which includes getting on his pajamas, getting a gogurt out of the fridge and watching part of a movie. Then it’s teeth brushing, a devotional, and 2 books. Once again, I turn off his lights and lay by him. We sing a song. He always asks me “mommy can you sing me one more┬ásong and sleep in my bed five minutes?”
8:30 – Alex and I clean and ready the house for the next day. We call or see friends. We play a game, watch a show, or talk about the B&B.
11:00 – We get ready for bed so that we can do it all again tomorrow ­čÖé

10 months!


{so late…sorry Baby D}. I feel like I’m still not caught up yet from Spring Break and the whirlwind pace of life these days isn’t helping much.

The picture above was captured two days after D turned 10 months old which I feel good about considering we got back from Chicago on his 10 month birthday and we hosted a wedding at The Cedars the day after.

As mentioned, month 10 included his first plane ride which he took to okay considering his favorite wake-time activity these days is crawling around and exploring everything. But it was worth it. He was able to meet most of his Illinois family. Part of our trip was a baby shower for his cousin who is due to make her debut in July which was really fun and allowed for lots of extended family to be around him for an afternoon.

At 10 months he has 5 teeth and is dealing with serious separation anxiety. It’s tough but the second time around I’m dealing with it a little better. Understanding that it’s healthy and a good sign that he has it despite the heartache during it. His personality is so far in a word – excitable. He’s not quite pulling up but he’s climbing stairs and able to get anywhere his heart desires.

Love you little man. We’ll be buds, promise.

9 Month Nugget


Is this really the same child we brought home from the hospital nine months ago?

D-baby as he’s been affectionately referred to over the last many months only has a few more months of being a baby in him on the calendar but lately I’ve been struck by how much more of a baby he seems to me than J did at this age. Perhaps it’s all contrast and because I didn’t know any better with J, but D is still (despite his girth) so little and helpless and that’s fine with me! I’ll treasure each baby day I get with him.

He weighed in at 22 lbs. at the doctor yesterday and was 28 inches long. I guess I didn’t record where J was at this stage in life but D is definitely bigger. He’s wearing clothes that J wore well over a year old. When people see him they comment about 1 of 3 things – his cheeks (“Hey cute cheeks” is my recent favorite from a teacher at J’s school), his eyes, or his size. I’ve got a nice right bicep built up that’s for sure.

He has three teeth to boast about and the 4th is an any day now situation and he’s finally totally mobile, though not interested in walking assisted yet. He rolls and scoots and lunges to get wherever he wants and he really does throw his weight around. He won’t sit still in my lap for any long period of time anymore without throwing his body in another direction.

Overall temperament he’s an incredibly smiling baby and we have yet to have a melt-down despite days without afternoon naps due to teething and travel/general busyness.

Without further ado, I give you his 6-9 month video…set to a song that unlike some of my other selections has literally been the soundtrack to the last three months of my ┬álife since J is OBSESSED with it. But I felt like it fit. We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter, D’s got big blue eyes, and we often sing this song and sub out “Blue” for D. Anywho…

8 months

img_6057Little D turned eight months old yesterday. Though a small portion of my brain is shocked by that fact, the rest of it can’t remember what life was like without him. Hasn’t his two tooth grin always been a source of joy? Haven’t I always known the sound of his giggle and the delight of having him snuggled in my lap?

Milestones:┬áHe cut his second tooth in the last month and he’s honed his ability to roll. He like J was at this age – is good at scooting backward but isn’t moving forward yet.

Sickness & Sleep: It’s been a rough month for nighttime sleep and naps (including a couple of days without an afternoon nap at all..ayi). Between the teething and his first cold we’ve been seeing a lot of each other in the dark hours. At night, I find myself less annoyed by it with him, perhaps because I’m just in the drudges of mom life or perhaps because subconsciously I know it’s one-on-one time regardless of the hour. During the day- I’ve been thankful for Alex’s help around the house and with children when I’ve needed to work.

Personality & Language: He giggles a lot and seems relatively good at entertaining himself. He’s alright to be left to play as long as he knows I’m close by. He’s quite attached to me and prefers me to anyone else in the room. He’s got da-da┬áand┬áma-ma down which is so fun because J was so slow in saying ma-ma.

Aside from the teething and sick days we’re in a rhythm (because we’ve had the entire month to ourselves!) ┬áand it feels good. I’ll share that in a separate post ┬ájust for record keeping.

Wonder Woman, John, and Independence

img_4343Little J has become obsessed as of late with Wonder Woman. It started with a costume they have at his school. For the last few weeks that’s been his favorite toy there and his favorite subject to find Library books on when we go there. We had one for 9 days and I’m pretty sure I read it 4 dozen times. We’re emphasizing he’s a bot so he can’t be her but he’s crushing hard. Since then space is my journal – I’m writing this down for fodder in 10 years ­čÖé

We’ve also crossed some developmental bridges in the last few weeks that deserve a record. Little J now has an invisible friend! His name is John and he lives in North Carolina. He likes baseball and Star Wats and loud music. J takes the train to visit him.

He also has newfound bathroom independence – start to finish on his own including washing his hands – PTL. And this afternoon he used a chair to reach a light switch. Life gets more interesting by the day.