I posted a sneak peek of little J’s big boy room a few months ago on Instagram the first night he slept in it and over the last few months we’ve added a few more pieces of decor to the point where I think it’s “finished” so I thought it would be appropriate to catalog the event. We’ve had some nice sunshine the last few days so I snapped a few pics one day recently after he woke up from his nap.

For those curious, his room is my old office and Alex and I are now sharing what use to be his office. We didn’t change the paint color, just painted the baseball stitching onto the wall (he loves it and shows it off proudly to visitors!), moved out the existing furniture and added little’s J’s stuff. Overall a relatively cheap project – just purchased the bedding, rug, curtains (blackout ones since his room gets amazing afternoon sun and naps are still a must!) and the bed/mattress. All of the decor pieces were gifted or taken from Alex’s collection of Cubs memorabilia.

Despite the¬†grown-up elements of this room, if you look closely at the bed, you can see the dolls on the pillow that indicate he’s still quite the little boy who sleeps with Elmo, Wall-E, and EVE ūüôā




IMG_2482I looked at the date earlier this week and the thought occurred to me that Alex and I moved to Williamsburg three years ago this month. Which means that we’ve now lived here longer than we lived in D.C. and I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived any place in my life besides Illinois. Alex still has one more year before he can make that claim if we’re counting college.¬†Milestones.¬†

It also means that we’ve lived in our house for two years.¬†Milestones.¬†

I won’t get all sappy and sentimental about the time here verses time in D.C. but it’s significant in my heart. And I won’t get all mushy about how it feels to reflect on the fact that we’ve owned a house for two years but I will say that when I pull into our driveway and hear little J say in his cute little voice from the backseat “Home”, it makes me so happy.

We still have a long list of house to-do’s when we can save up the money but it’s been a good two years and I can honestly say that I love this house and it’s near on perfect for us. Though I¬†get stressed about the amount of things that we own, I’m blessed in so many ways to have so many things and I’m so glad we have a place for all of our things. And even though Williamsburg is quite far from lots of people that we really care a lot about, it’s home. At least for now which is a milestone in my heart.


I realized last week that we’ve been slowly chipping away at small house projects (during weekend naptimes if you must¬†know!) but it’s been a while since I posted any house pictures because let’s be honest this face is a much cuter subject.


So here it goes…

Previous pictures of these space can be seen here and here.

I applied a can of heat resistant spray paint to rid the fireplace exterior of the outdated gold and reorganized the bookshelves for balance.

IMG_5322We’ve added a light fixture and other accessories to our foyer. Since we don’t have a garage, style, functionality, and organization are all super important in this space.

IMG_5299We painted and reorganized “my office” and are now using all four bedrooms. We’ve got the master bedroom, the guest bedroom, my office and Alex’s office.

I’m excited my scholarly, eclectic, collector of a husband has his own space to retreat to.


I’ve also modernized our master bath with some vanity stain, a new blind, and a coat of paint. We removed the weird hamper drawer and installed a shelf that is currently holding towels and books for little J.


The family room {not all that much of an update actually} but this is it in it’s natural state. It’s one of little J’s main play spaces so we hid all the cords for the TV and made it a little kid friendlier.


And last but not least, here’s our sunroom/game room. Post-daylight savings time we’ve been having¬†family dinners out here and soaking in the sunshine.


We’ve still got our pink bathroom to tackle but for now it’s working for what we need it to work for so we’ve decided to leave it. Besides it’s springtime and we’re itching to spend our weekends outside now that the inside is so close to where we want it to be.

14 months and Christmas at 1-oh-9

SBJ celebrated turned 14 months at the start of the week and we decorated our house for Christmas over the weekend. It now smells like boxwood and our mantel is pretty pretty ūüôā

IMG_1553 IMG_1554Our “no touch” policy of the tree has been working well so far and frankly I’m impressed the SBJ hasn’t made a move for it yet. He’s proving to be quite obedient.

Here’s the face and the sound of 14 months…

“Welcome Home”

imageOn Saturday, we welcomed “Elaine” into our home for the next two months. She’s Taiwanese, is in need of some temporary housing and we have a room for just such a purpose. I wrote this post on Thursday just after the arrangements started to come together and when I reflect back on those first few hours of formulating the plans, I can’t help but be reminded of way I felt the Holy Spirit moving in my heart that day…

On my morning walk with SBJ I started a new devotional series from #shereadstruth on hospitality. I was a couple of days behind on the schedule but the quote in the post I wrote that day was from them. After reading it, I reflected on and prayed about the longing I sensed to use our home better and to be a servant. I’ve been reading the blog of a youth group acquaintance, for lack of a better word,¬†and the Lord is using her right¬†now in foster care. Through her words and through the Spirit’s leading, I have been feeling a growing desire to do something like that. I shared my burden with a dear friend from church who came over a few hours later for coffee.¬†During¬†that coffee date, Alex and received the details about Elaine and now…here we are.

She’ll be with us through the holidays and is a great cook. The rest is day-to-day and unknown. For now – welcome home Elaine. Welcome home.

Seasons of Blessings

I am blessed to have a number of friends with whom I maintain regular phone dates throughout the year to keep apprised of their live and their life transitions and their prayer requests. Recently – I’ve been feeling like I don’t have any interesting updates to share when we talk its kind of “same old, same old”…SBJ is growing, work is going fine for both Alex and I and we’re homeowners so a lot of time and planning is going into the house. Though I know I should I feel blessed to be a time of life when life is rather predictable and stress-free, my heart is restless and sadly often bored.¬†Why are¬†contentment and joy so hard to put on?

And yet, when I really pause – my heart is full of joy as there are many others in my life who are in seasons of great happiness and joy. Two friends who have waited many years to start their family’s because either they or their husband’s needed to finish school first are now expecting their first children…the two women that I look to for motherly advise, commiseration, love and support are both expecting baby #2…and I have two weddings on my calendar for this summer both of which will be incredibly joy-filled. One because it’s for a cousin who has been single for quite some time and the other because it’s between two great friends who the Lord has led together through the valleys of death.

Today I remind myself that God is faithful to accomplish his will and gracious to accomplish my dreams and I ask him to quiet my restless heart so that I can enjoy this face:



and see the beauty in the rhododendron blooming in my front window:




¬†“So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom” Psalm 90:12

Bed and Breakfast

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me well that I have a long-enduring romantic dream of owning and operating a B&B. I use to pick out properties during summer vacations in Lake Geneva, WI that I thought would make good B&B’s and draw pictures and floor plans of them at age 12. In college, I went so far as to write a marketing plan for one that included some serious research for a class project. I have a pinterest board called “my B&B” and have continued to talk about doing it since moving to Williamsburg. If ever there was a place to operate one, it’s here. Recently I even called and got a spec sheet on one that’s for sale locally.¬†

I’m still not ready to commit to that dream yet, but maybe someday.

In the meantime, I’m going to focus on getting lots of practice with¬†our newly updated guest suite. This room and bath are in the top 5 things I love about our house and we’ve finally gotten around to getting it painted and decorated to¬†fit in with the rest of the house. I recently saw this pin¬†on pinterest and was inspired to bring teal into the room. It totally feels unified with the rest of the house as that’s a prominent color in our¬†master bedroom and in the nursery – you can check those rooms out here. It could still use a rug and a more permentant fixture between the closets, but it’s soooo much better than what it use to be!




We’ve just come out of April which brought us week-long visit from Alex’s college roommate, a childhood friend of mine and her husband, a D.C. friend and her husband, my parents, and my aunt and uncle. May will bring Alex’s parents and his sister, friends from Northern VA and my sister, and June is set to bring more friends from D.C.

Any body else want to make a reservation? ūüôā