About Me


My favorite color is yellow, followed by green and pink. I can never get enough of summertime and sunshine. I prefer dark wood to light wood. I love giant, fluffy bath towels. I use to drive a white Toyota RAV4 and I don’t think I’ll ever love a car more than I loved that one. I don’t really like working out.

Pinot Grigio is my favorite type of wine. I’ve never met a dessert I didn’t like. I’ve been to the Mediterranean and China. The next overseas trip on my list is one to England. I can’t stand spicy food. I have crazy curly hair that hates humid Virginia summers. My decorating style is trying to be elegant rustic and maybe it’s getting there – but I’m not really sure.

to that end – I like to think I’m creative and have good taste but experience and the internet have proved to me that there are many more people out there who are much more creative and have better taste then I do and I must merely copy them and hope that my home, my style, and my family and friends still appreciate me for what I am able to put together. I have a really hard time not comparing myself to others – their decorating, their leisure activities, their career successes and their personal style…

I believe I’m a sinner saved by grace alone but struggle with wanting to study the Bible. I guess I’ve got some wisdom and insight every once in a while, but most of it’s just what I’ve soaked up from the godly teaching I’ve heard over the years, a few dear friends, and my wonderful husband. I compartmentalize my life and act like a good moral person at work but often struggle to bring up my faith in conversations though I think it’s getting easier as I mature…

this blog is my space to collect my memories. if you’re featured on it it’s because you’re loved and a treasured part of my life. If you read it faithfully (or even in fits and spurts) know that I’m not writing for you, I’m writing for me. I kept a journal faithfully for one year. the year before I met my husband. Since then, I’ve journal like three total entries but blogged a lot. If I’m still writing her in 25 years, it’ll be a cool collection. If I’m not. I’m not and it’ll still be something that helps me remember the days of my life though a passing breath they are.

Maybe you’ll gain perspective and wisdom. Maybe you won’t. In the end all that matter is God’s glory and it’s my prayer that my life moves toward that end and that yours does too.

Note: None of the links I share are or ever will be affiliate links. They’re merely recommendations from my personal experience.


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