The New Abode – Part 2

As promised, additional house pictures! We still have lots of things planned as far as painting and decorating but at least this will give you an idea of the rest of the house.

The Master Bedroom:
Favorite features included the vaulted ceiling, the fan, and the built-ins in the closet (not pictured).


And Master Bath:
It’s totally functional and is a nice size — just dreaming of modernizing it.
IMG_1689   IMG_1690

The Nursery:
This room isn’t a bedroom because it doesn’t have a closet and we’re not sure what the previous owner meant for it to be when they built it along with the master edition. But as soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to be used for the nursery because it’s immediately outside of the master bedroom and directly across from the laundry closet. SCORE big time. It’s a tiny room, but he’s going to be  tiny little thing for a while so it’ll totally work.


The Guest Bedroom and Bath:
This room was a  HUGE selling feature for me. It was the old master suite and I love that it has an in-room bathroom especially because both sets of our parents live out of town. Our plans include paint and art work and bathroom modernization. Yes the bathroom walls are a light pink/lavender colored (and so are the insides of the closets in the bedroom!)

IMG_1738  IMG_1737

The Office:
Bedroom #3 is currently serving as our office. It’s bland right now, but its one of the most used spaces in the house.


The Empty Room:
Bedroom #4 currently has nothing in it. It’d be great to have another bed in it, but I think I may start to feel like I’m running a bed and breakfast if I have more than one guest room. When we grow into this house a little more, it’ll definitely be useful!


The PINK Bathroom:
Pictures of this room were not included on the listing sheet, for obvious reasons. I hate it, Alex loves it. Either way, it’s totally 50’s. Yes that tile goes all the way around the tub. Yes, that sink is really gross. Yes, the mirror and light fixture will be the first updates we make. And no, I do not want my children and guests to my home to have to use this bathroom. But for now, it’s a working bathroom and will have to do. Oh, and peeling paint on one of the walls reveals that they use to be pink as well. Classy.

IMG_1659  IMG_1661  IMG_1668  IMG_1660

The Family Room:
Remember the room that I said Alex hated in this post?? It’s been transformed into a comfortable, functioning, odor-free family room! It still needs a little artwork love but it’s a great room.



And finally, we’re still missing pictures of the living room because the living room is still missing it’s statement piece – a new couch. It’s a race  to see which will be delivered first – it or baby V. A full post about the living room coming with it’s arrival.


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