7 Months!


This handsome little man turned 7 months old yesterday. He refused to let me take a good picture but he’s got one tooth in there and more will likely follow soon.

Milestones: He’s still not rolling over though he did once while his dad was watching him today. Maybe it’s a motivation thing? He’s scooting in circles though and is sitting up like a pro.
Eating: I think he would eat until he explodes. We’ve added yogurt to his diet and he loves it.
Sleeping: Month 7 has been trying because of teeth and separation anxiety has reared it’s ugly head a little as well. Nighttime wakings are still quite routine.He’s down to two rather predictable naps – one in the morning from 7;30-9:30/10 and one in the afternoon from 12:30-3:00/3:00. He goes to bed at 6:00PM and wakes up the next morning between 5:45 and 6:00AM. He can sleep the whole stretch but doesn’t always want to 🙂
Temperament: He’s an incredibly happy baby. He loves to laugh and smile. When he’s really happy or he sees me enter a room his mouth opens so wide its as if his whole face is his mouth.
Words: We’ve heard some da-da’s and ma-ma’s among his babble strings but alas, we don’t think they mean anything to him yet

7 months means we’re more than half-way done with the first year…whew, it’s going fast. But time marches on and I love my three year old so we’ll press on.


3 years, 3 months

img_4304I’m a few days behind on this post but I’ve been mulling it over in my  head for a few days and have been wanting to write it for a few months.

Little J turned 3 years old in early October and I’ve been wanting to catalog what life is like with a 3-year old. It is sweet and funny and enjoyable because he is all those things. His sweetness toward his brother grows all the time. The other day, I walked back into the family room and saw that D had a duplo and made a comment about it. J said “I gave it to him” – melt my heart. He’s smart and loves adults which makes him funny like his daddy. His expressions crack me up as does his laugh. He’s started to find movies and books funny and I love the courtesy laugh he gives to things of that nature.

Year 3 has brought the first year of preschool for him which he’s taken to beautifully. No separation anxiety or any issue ever getting out the door (knock on wood!). Currently at school his favorite things is playing Wonder Woman and at home his favorite things are books and anything Star Wars. He’s recently learned how to play UNO and still loves baseball. Our UPS driver asked me over the holidays if he could throw as well as he can hit, claiming J has the best hand-eye coordination of any kid under 5 he’s ever seen. Proud mama and daddy over here 🙂 He know know all of his letters Upper and lower most of the time and his numbers 1-10. He can count to twenty but likes to skip 13-16. The days of him say “bo-keys” (cranberries) are behind us but he’s hanging on to “amp-e-l” (oatmeal);
“well-lo” (Yellow); “Mel-Mo” (Elmo); “Wonderwear” (underwear) and “Wiz-burg” (Williamsburg).

He’s still napping 98% of days, goes to bed at 8PM and wakes up between 5:30-6:00. He’s contrarian (he’ll boldly proclaim his love of the Cardinals and superheros because he knows it irritates Alex) and excitable. He’s still a cuddler and a child of habit. He’s got a great vocabulary and is a joy, truly.

So this is Christmas…

It’s a different kind of Christmas this year. Our first ever a married couple not in Illinois and Alex’s first ever ever not in Illinois. A B&B and small children will do that to you I guess. Lots of coming and going over the past few weeks still trying to figure out our new roles and responsibilities but here are a few images of the merriment that surrounds us and the sliver of life that we’re in. Praying for peace and joy for all those near and dear to us…Merry Christmas from Williamsburg!


Because…better late than never

I’ve mentioned before that I get songs in my head for weeks on end. The song that I put to this video is the one that’s been in there for a while now – particularly the line “someday we’ll wake up with thousands of pictures – 65 years in this little house”. The song itself isn’t totally appropriate for my next installment of baby videos perhaps but since it’s in my head and feels like the melody of my heart right now as Alex and I build life, love, and family…it’ll do.

1/2 a year

img_5964Wow is all I can say once again. It’s pretty hard to believe that we’ve got a 6 month old in our midst and that in the next few month his little personality will begin to debut, his muscles will continue to develop toward walking, jumping, and the like.

At his doctor’s appointment yesterday little D weighed in at 19 lbs. and measured 27 inches. Unlike his brother who is currently in the 5th percentile for growth, little D’s in the 75th right now. Time will tell if that trend continues.

We still have not seen him roll – perhaps because 19 lbs. is a lot to move? – but Alex did find him on his belly once in his bed this week. He is sitting though with limited assistance. Solids are going well…his hair remains mostly brown…and his little arms and thighs are pudge-tacular.

Over the next month, we’ll host our first Virginia Christmas – because of the B&B we’re not traveling so my parents and siblings are coming this way for a change. Praying that the stress will be low, the joy will be real, and this face will be a cheer to many.


4 Pictures

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and one of my bestest best friends is turning 30 over the weekend (HB shout out, you know who you are!) so I’ve been a’thinking because I turn 30 in just six months. Even though most days my to-do list feels endless and my thoughts are kept captive keeping the gears turning, in the moments I’ve been able to catch my breath in the last few weeks, I realize how thankful my heart really is and hope lucky I really am…to have 4 incredible pictures of blessing ever before me…an awesome husband, two beautiful babies, and my dream come true.

Truly…Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth
Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide,
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!


5 months

img_5901Determined to remedy the foibles of last month, I’m starting this post 3 days early – WHAT?!? Yes.

Month 5 has been in a word – eventful. Baby D finally got to meet his paternal grandpa and one of his great grandparents as Alex’s 87 year old grandma traveled to Virginia for 10 days. She’s inspirational on so many levels but that’s another post! We started solid food and cold turkey cut out nursing before naps once we got in a little bit of a routine with eating.



We also had to make a trip up to Richmond to see a head specialist on the recommendation of our local pediatrician. The specialist was great and she was totally unconcerned about the flat-ish spot on the top of his head. We’re suppose to wait until January and if it’s not getting better, we’ll see her again.

We celebrated D’s first Halloween. Little J wanted to be Chewbacca so naturally D had be Han Solo. We dressed up twice this year, once on Saturday to Trick-or-Treat in CW which was really fun and then on Monday night for the real deal once again with our friends the Boord’s and my sister near their house in Toano.

And finally, the CHICAGO CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES. Of course baby D has no idea what that means nor was he awake to watch a single game but we had a party for the first game of the series and hooped and hollered and danced with the best of them after the absolutely incredible suspense -riddled game 7. How cool is that baby D has never lived in a world where the Cubs are the lovable losers?


In other news D is growing, growing, growing. He weighed 17.2 lbs in Richmond two weeks ago and he’s wearing mostly 6 month clothes now. In the last week he’s learned to stick out his tongue and his giggle has gotten more pronounced. He’s not quite rolling yet but he’s closer. He loves sitting up and standing up whenever he’s got someone willing to help him. I think he and he Johnny Jumper will also be good friends.


Love you little man, can’t believe I’ve had the privileged of taking care of you for almost half a year!