Summer Vingettes

IMG_2222 IMG_2212 IMG_2209 IMG_2201

IMG_2232 IMG_0903 IMG_0891 IMG_0888IMG_2231Summer, summer, summer! My favorite season is here and it’s glorious.

A morning play-date at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and then showing my brothers a “pretty-good-it-was-alright-except-for-the-heat-and-then-everyone-got-the-stomach-flu-and-you-got-stuck-in-Richmond-on-the-way-home” kind of time. CW (it’s it gorgeous?), Jamestown Beach, and more blueberry picking (and pie making) were on the agenda for the extended weekend.

And then the whole Kelley Fam (mom and dad too, just not pictured) was here for Father’s Day 2015 so we got some pictures taken (hence the matchy-mathcy). Other fun first’s for little J this month – his first baseball game (he was terrified of the mascots!) and his first round of golf.

Oh summer, won’t you stay forever??


Catching Up

It’s always been hard for me to keep this space updated when I have family/friends in town. Enter the never-ending season of guests and I’m really struggling! A few pictures will have to suffice as memory collectors and updates as spring has rolled into full on summer and our little one continues to grow.

Alex’s parents and sister were in town and loved on SBJ for five days over Mother’s Day. Among other touristy things, one night they took me – while Alex stayed home with the babe and his grade-book – on a “Tavern Ghost Tour” of Colonial Williamsburg. My impression? LAME. Wouldn’t recommend this tour at all. I think we had a bad story-teller but it was pretty painful. After this experience, I’d say skip this if you’re coming to town! (as an aside, I think that there is another ghost tour that’s not the tavern type. The  tavern one is all modern ghost stories and I think the other is colonial)

{below, me pointing to the haunted Window at Shields Tavern}


We celebrated my birthday by going out to eat at Food for Thought as its one of my favorite local places and unlike the ghost tour a highly recommended stop on your way through town. SBJ is becoming quite a restaurant pro. Despite my early disdain for Baby Led Weaning, it’s growing on me and is already reaping dividends when we go out.


Lastly, summer is here (and so is my sister). She took this lovely picture this weekend at our church Memorial Day picnic. SBJ has recently discovered watermelon and is absolutely smitten.


Snow Covered


Snow Covered

This summer will mark 5 years of living in Virginia. And though there are many differences between this place and Chicagoland, one of the most prominent is probably the lack of snow. Williamsburg even more so than Northern VA. So it came as quite a welcome surprise that the fluffy stuff came at all on Tuesday night and stuck around all weekend. We may live in this house a very long time before it looks like this again!


IMG_0490[1]Six. That’s how many weeks old SBJ will be tomorrow.

Nine. That’s the number of days of my maternity leave that I didn’t have an overnight guest.

10,000 x 10,000. The amount of blessing maternity leave and our visitors have been over the last six weeks.

Infinity. The amount that I’m thankful that I work from home and don’t have to ever be too far from this little guy during my day.


I’m loving SBJ at six weeks old. He’s become way more alert and he’s started making more noises and maybe even starting to smile! It’s also been a fun week because his Vlk grandparents have been in town over the long weekend and in the midst of  hanging out at the house and just enjoying SBJ we went to the Yankee Candle [Emporium] as I like to call it, antiquing, CW, and the Williamsburg Winery.



Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Last Memorial Day, my dear, dear friend came to D.C. to visit…this Memorial Day, my dear, dear sister came to visit. Both visits were such a blessing.


Since she’s been to Williamsburg before, our weekend was primarily spent getting pedicures, shopping, and doing baby crafts with brief interludes spent at our church picnic on Sunday afternoon and watching the new Arrested Development season and the NHL playoffs. It was a cool weekend in Williamsburg so no pool time, but at least our toes are summer ready…



and the baby’s room is coming together.  Here’s a sneak peak of my decorating plans!


The most exciting part of our weekend (ok my weekend, won’t speak for her) was finding the exact stroller set and carset that I wanted for $100 (savings: $300!!) at Sugar and Spice Williamsburg’s baby consignment shop. Alex found a rare Lego set at the same store and we think we may be able to make some money selling it. All in all, it’s a great shop and I plan to spend more time and money there in the future!


Saturday Morning Rituals

What’s your perfect Saturday morning look like? Mine looks like this…

Step 1 – drive down to the Williamsburg library and admire the gorgeous spring flowers.

Step 2 – walk over to Aroma’s  and get a coffee, smoothie, or scone depending on what you’re feeling that day. The day these pictures were taken, it was a smoothie.

Step 3 – take your newly acquired deliciousness and head over to Duke of Gloucester street and enjoy the sights, smells, (tastes when you’re lucky!), and sounds (double bonus!) of the Williamsburg Farmers Market. It has been voted the best Farmer’s Market in Virginia and #3 in the whole nation. Needless to say, it’s pretty great.



Step 4 – love your life, be thankful for sunshine and God’s love and bountiful blessings.

Optional Step 5 – head back to the library and pick-up a supply of movies and books for the coming week(s).

Optional Step 6 (but hopefully completed) – return subsequent Saturdays and repeat.

first birthday celebration in W-burg

Last Friday was Alex’s birthday.

Birthdays are kind of a big deal to me and since it’s the first birthday since we’ve been married that he’s been working, I tried to make it extra special. (Because working on your birthday isn’t really all that fun). I  brought him lunch at school Chic-Fil-A, cupcakes, and a little Lego set. The fries were definitely cold by the time I arrived (#ferryfail) but he was surprised…

…which is good because I was unsuccessful in pulling off the real surprise of the day – dinner with friends at a new restaurant (to us). I cracked and told him earlier in the week that it wouldn’t just be the two of us at dinner when he asked. (I have a bad poker face.) The restaurant was called Second Street and it was really good! Probably our new second favorite restaurant in Williamsburg – Food for Thought still holding out as #1.



So thankful for these friends, even though we’ve only known most of them two or so months, they’re a great blessing and a welcome addition to life in Williamsburg. After dinner it was back to our place for a video game tournament (for the guys) and more cupcakes. Getting older isn’t always so bad!