Chicago Recap


This year we took Spring Break with Aunt Michelle and left Daddy in Williamsburg to run the B&B. It was the longest any of us have been away from him. We all appreciated the change of pace for the first few days but were very happy for the reunion when it was over!

It rained most of the first few days but here are the highlights of our trip.



Favs From Florida

We spent the majority of Alex’s Spring Break week in central Florida with my family. Though we didn’t really think of it as our only-child-moon or babymoon or anything like that, it was a fun week to really focus on little J and enjoy him enjoying new things. Here are the highlights…

  1. Catching up with a childhood bestie who lives in Orlando


2. Attending a Spring Training Baseball Game. Little J “ran” the bases at the end with a complete stranger (Alex and I were both so proud of him!). He touched every base and somehow procured a special spring training ball. Alex was elated!


3. Wild Florida – Gatorland but without the crowds. We got to see real Florida, lots of Gators, and take a fan boat through the Everglades.


4. Celebrating my brother Tom’s birthday as a family. Since we’re all all over the place this is the first birthday we’ve all been together on in a long time.


5. Disney. Thanks to some super good luck and travel tips, we arrived at the Magic Kingdom just in time for the welcome show where Mickey rides in on the train. Alex and I both got a little emotional (in a good way!) about how blessed we felt to be able to bring little J here and how excited we were about our day ahead. It was an absolute blast to watch him enjoy the day. We rode the carousal twice because it was his favorite thing and used one of our 3 built in FastPasses to do a private meet-and-greet with Mickey which was the highlight of his day. Picture #4 below is his expression waiting in line for that opportunity. He “tickled Mickey’s nose” (in his words) and Mickey signed his baseball. Day made.


6. Downtown Disney/Disney Springs – we didn’t make it to any of the other parks because we thought little J was a little too young and the weather Saturday was crummy but we did spend our last few hours in Disney Springs were little J got to “meet” a StormTrooper which to him was basically akin to a day in Hollywood Studios.


Praising God for safe travel, overall pleasant weather, great memories and an adorable and relatively easy-going (despite almost a week of short naps) 2 and 1/2 year old who calls me mommy. Look forward to (Lord willing) meeting another kid who will one day do the same in two months!


July | Full and Fun

[this post is almost entirely pictures…i.e. the best form of memories]

July started like this. Lots of blue sky and a visit from Alex’s sister and her husband which included lots of time in CW… IMG_2244

but also some baking and playing with little J…IMG_2236

IMG_2237 They flew here but drove back to Illinois with Alex and little J in one day. 950 miles in 16 hours with a toddler. The day started with a 3:00am departure. Little J was an angel and Alex’s sister is my hero. He did amazing in the car and made me so proud. Varied activities, a 2 hour nap and the movie AirBud were keys to sanity.IMG_8534IMG_2391IMG_2386

A week later, I reunited with the crew after spending a week in D.C. for work and spent a few days in Rockford which included a baseball game and a trip to Brookfield Zoo.IMG_2306


IMG_2313IMG_2317A few days later we headed to Wisconsin to spend time on Lake Geneva with my family which included lots of sand and water and boating and our 6 year wedding anniversary.


IMG_2348IMG_2375IMG_2364IMG_2370 IMG_2374 IMG_2372 IMG_2371 IMG_2341And then our little family got back on the road and headed home this time with me in tow. We spent two days on the road and took our time. Stopping to play baseball a couple of times and to explore the town of Lewisburg, WV where we found and interesting little cafe that had a play place. #winning on the road!IMG_2380IMG_2379

IMG_2383And that friends was July. Full and fun indeed and we’re thankful. Thankful for quality time with friends and family who live 950 miles away; thankful for cool nights and the beauty of the Midwest; thankful for flexibility and summer warmth; thankful for a few weeks without a grocery bill; thankful that these pictures and memories will make me happy in November when the monotony of life is more apparent.



We’ve Got a Pray-er

A vingette to remind myself…

I’m not a good pray-er (someone who prays a lot) even though I know it’s vital for my faith. But I made a resolution for 2015 to appreciate nature more and to be thankful for the beauty around me. I started simply by making the background images on my computer rotating nature pictures from Bing. That’s been good.

We spend Alex’s spring break here:
IMG_1917 IMG_1948And that was really good.

But far and away the best thing so far to help me keep my resolution has been this boy.
He’s a pray-er. He literally will stop playing outside (where he wants to spend every waking moment), fold his hands and wait for me to pray. Seriously. It’s weird. But it’s been amazing for my soul. He won’t go back to playing until I say “amen”. (As an aside for anyone wondering, we taught him to wait to eat until after we pray have not yet modeled prayer to him outside of mealtimes).

So…while I sit outside with him and he digs in the dirt and watches the ants and picks up sticks, rocks, and pine cones, I offer dozens of short prayers of thanks to my God who “formed the mountains by his power” (Psalm 65:6) and declares that “every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains,and the insects in the fields are mine.” (Psalm 50:10-11) and finally asks me to “Praise the name of the Lordfor his name alone is exalted; his splendor is above the earth and the heavens. And he has raised up for his people a horn, the praise of all his faithful servants, of Israel, the people close to his heart.” (Psalm 148:13-14).

Resolute indeed and awed by how I’m already being challenged by this little boy.