Easter 2014


Easter 2014

Christ the Lord is RISEN today. He is risen indeed.

Today we celebrated his love and amazing grace to us by enjoying the Spring sunshine & flowers, eating not one but two Easter dinners with friends, and wearing bow ties.


Pretty in Pink


Pretty in Pink

Owning a house is a big responsibility and often lots of work; recently though I’ve found an unexpected silver lining…this gorgeous tree is currently flowering in our front yard. Every bloom that comes out as our yard comes back to life feels like a little surprise. It was about a year ago that we first saw the property and since we didn’t close until August, this is certainly a perk of home-ownership!

Saturday Morning Rituals

What’s your perfect Saturday morning look like? Mine looks like this…

Step 1 – drive down to the Williamsburg library and admire the gorgeous spring flowers.

Step 2 – walk over to Aroma’s  and get a coffee, smoothie, or scone depending on what you’re feeling that day. The day these pictures were taken, it was a smoothie.

Step 3 – take your newly acquired deliciousness and head over to Duke of Gloucester street and enjoy the sights, smells, (tastes when you’re lucky!), and sounds (double bonus!) of the Williamsburg Farmers Market. It has been voted the best Farmer’s Market in Virginia and #3 in the whole nation. Needless to say, it’s pretty great.



Step 4 – love your life, be thankful for sunshine and God’s love and bountiful blessings.

Optional Step 5 – head back to the library and pick-up a supply of movies and books for the coming week(s).

Optional Step 6 (but hopefully completed) – return subsequent Saturdays and repeat.