Wonder Woman, John, and Independence

img_4343Little J has become obsessed as of late with Wonder Woman. It started with a costume they have at his school. For the last few weeks that’s been his favorite toy there and his favorite subject to find Library books on when we go there. We had one for 9 days and I’m pretty sure I read it 4 dozen times. We’re emphasizing he’s a boy so he can’t be her but he’s crushing hard. Since then space is my journal – I’m writing this down for fodder in 10 years ūüôā

We’ve also crossed some developmental bridges in the last few weeks that deserve a record. Little J now has an invisible friend! His name is John and he lives in North Carolina. He likes baseball and Star Wats and loud music. J takes the train to visit him.

He also has newfound bathroom independence – start to finish on his own including washing his hands – PTL. And this afternoon he used a chair to reach a light switch. Life gets more interesting by the day.


3 years, 3 months

img_4304I’m a few days behind on this post but I’ve been mulling it over in my ¬†head for a few days and have been wanting to write it for a few months.

Little J turned 3 years old in early October and I’ve been wanting to catalog what life is like with a 3-year old. It is¬†sweet¬†and¬†funny and¬†enjoyable¬†because he is all those things. His sweetness toward his brother grows all the time. The other day, I walked back into the family room and saw that D had a duplo and made a comment about it. J said “I gave it to him” – melt my heart. He’s smart and loves adults which makes him funny like his daddy. His expressions crack me up as does his laugh. He’s started to find movies and books funny and I love the courtesy laugh he gives to things of that nature.

Year 3 has brought the first year of preschool for him which he’s taken to beautifully. No separation anxiety or any issue ever getting out the door (knock on wood!). Currently at school his favorite things is playing Wonder Woman and at home his favorite things are books and anything Star Wars. He’s recently learned how to play UNO and still loves baseball. Our UPS driver asked me over the holidays if he could throw as well as he can hit, claiming J has the best hand-eye coordination of any kid under 5 he’s ever seen.¬†Proud mama and daddy over here ūüôā He know know all of his letters Upper and lower most of the time and his numbers 1-10. He can count to twenty but likes to skip 13-16.¬†The days of him say “bo-keys” (cranberries) are behind us but he’s hanging on to “amp-e-l” (oatmeal);
“well-lo” (Yellow); “Mel-Mo” (Elmo); “Wonderwear” (underwear) and “Wiz-burg” (Williamsburg).

He’s still napping 98% of days, goes to bed at 8PM and wakes up between 5:30-6:00. He’s contrarian (he’ll boldly proclaim his love of the Cardinals and superheros because he knows it irritates Alex) and excitable. He’s still a cuddler and a child of habit. He’s got a great vocabulary and is a joy, truly.


14199694_961063610453_2568028891237091852_nI was struck this week by how many different attitudes toward school I saw on my Facebook feed as Virginia officially started back to school this week and decided to write down my own thoughts.

Little J’s start to preschool isn’t all that emotional for me as he’s been¬†in daycare two mornings a week since he was 18 months so that I could work. I believe that¬†the time was valuable for him as it provided socialization and helped reinforce many of the things we were learning at home (colors, numbers, etc.). I also very much enjoyed the assessments from the teachers and that he learned to be disciplined and respectful there as well as in the home. I see preschool as the continuation of what we started at daycare just with a Christian component. Instead of teaching just “Wheels on the Bus” I expect he’ll also learn the “Fruits of the Spirit” song and be challenged with some scripture memory as well.

We took the summer off from daycare (between Alex finishing school, my maternity leave, and family in town it made sense) and I think little J is genuinely excited to be in school – he certainly loves wearing his R2-D2 backpack! He’s going only two days a week in the mornings but after being home with him all summer, I miss him! It’s a delight to pick him up and now that he’s communicating extremely well, I look forward to picking him up and hearing about his day. I feel good about the arrangement for both of us and am delighted that though we’re moving toward a full week of school for him in a few years he still has lots of time to play outside and be a little boy¬†this in his week.


A Few of My Favorite Things


I love this kid. Sooooo much. We’ve reach what feels like a golden stage which even if it’s just calm before the storm that’s going to follow with new baby, I am so so thankful for.

Favorite Thing #1 – His imagination has blossomed. Any given day he’s a fire-fighter and a baseball player and a construction worker. Sometime all within an hour.

Favorite Thing #2 – His love for books. He can literally sit in his room for 20-25 minutes and look at this books/retell the stories. It’s incredibly entertaining to listen to him.

Favorite Thing #3 – His understanding¬†of the English language¬†has increased so much within¬†the last two weeks. He’s using appropriate pronouns and verbs and he’s almost always able to help me understand what he’s talking about using synonyms and context.

Favorite Thing #4 – Hearing him say¬†“spicy” and “actually” in his little boy voice and the fact that he still says “Gep” instead of “Yep”. It’s so cute that made it’s way into the family vocab on both sides of the family.

Favorite Thing #5 – The fact that he’s turned the¬†the “Jaws” theme which is what I say when we¬†play with his sharks in the bathroom into “Donut, Donut, Donut”.

Favorite Thing #6 – How good he is at baseball. Take a look below.


2.5 years old

IMG_3229I’m weeks late in posting this but little J is now 2 1/2!

His curly hair and love for baseball remain two of his distinctions. His personality is equal parts caring and goofy. He’s still pretty much a vegetarian though he will eat bacon and hot dogs. He doesn’t have a big sweet tooth either (which is totally fine!). He still sucks his thumb and is still napping every day for at least two hours. Our “terrible two’s” have been comprised of only minor issues thus far…a few tantrums, a little bit of potty-training regression, and some bedtime struggles…so we feel very fortunate. We did have a coloring on the wall incident this morning but nothing else too offensive to date.

He’s a joy to be around and richly enhances our lives each day. The next six months are going to be¬†interesting¬†but he’s already shown us he’s pretty easy going so we’re excited to take him along for the ride!




Favs From Florida

We spent the majority of Alex’s Spring Break week in central Florida with my family. Though we didn’t really think of it as our only-child-moon or babymoon or anything like that, it was a fun week to really focus on little J and enjoy him enjoying new things. Here are the highlights…

  1. Catching up with a childhood bestie who lives in Orlando


2. Attending a Spring Training Baseball Game. Little J “ran”¬†the bases at the end with a complete stranger (Alex and I were both so proud of him!). He touched every base and somehow procured a special spring training ball. Alex was elated!


3. Wild Florida – Gatorland but without the crowds. We got to see real Florida, lots of Gators, and take a fan boat through the Everglades.


4. Celebrating my brother Tom’s birthday as a family. Since we’re all all over the place this is the first birthday we’ve all been together on in a long time.


5. Disney. Thanks to some super good luck and travel tips, we arrived at the Magic Kingdom just in time for the welcome show where Mickey rides in on the train. Alex and I both got a little emotional (in a good way!) about how blessed we felt to be able to bring little J here and how excited we were about our day ahead. It was an absolute blast to watch him enjoy the day. We rode the carousal twice because it was his favorite thing and used one of our 3 built in FastPasses to do a private meet-and-greet with Mickey which was the highlight of his day. Picture #4 below is his expression waiting in line for that opportunity. He “tickled Mickey’s nose” (in his words) and Mickey signed his baseball. Day made.


6. Downtown Disney/Disney Springs – we didn’t make it to any of the other parks because we thought little J was a little too young and the weather Saturday was crummy but we did spend our last few hours in Disney Springs were little J got to “meet” a StormTrooper which to him was basically akin to a day in Hollywood Studios.


Praising God for safe travel, overall pleasant weather, great memories and an adorable and relatively easy-going (despite almost a week of short naps) 2 and 1/2 year old who calls me mommy. Look forward to (Lord willing) meeting another kid who will one day do the same in two months!


On #2

We found out a little over a month ago that baby V #2 is a boy. I have to admit that I had some initial sadness because Alex and I were both so confident that he was a she due to differences in this pregnancy compared to my last and I just was really wanting a girl.

Thankfully the sadness didn’t last much longer than a day and after I got over the “I will really be out-numbered now” feeling, excitement and relief set in. I absolutely love having an two-and-a-half year old boy and sincerely look forward to another journey to this point. The funny thing about having another baby of the same gender as your first is that the prep is so non-existent which has it’s perks (like being able to spend lots of time enjoying little J). All it took was a¬†quick trip to my well-organized bins in the attic and I had drawers full of clothes and shelves full of board books and baby toys.¬†sweet.

Our biggest struggle as couple with #2 has been a name. We had a mile-long list of girls names we liked but were drawing a blank on boys names. I think we’re finally settled on one and as I did before, I’ll be sharing a couple of clues soon.

In the meantime, here’s how we’ve spent our sporadic-weather February. Outside time when it’s been warm enough, a quick visit from my parents, the completion of another sessions of mommy-and-me gymnastics at our Park District, and lots of block-building. And yes, little J basically only wears baseball shirts.¬†Such is life.