I posted a sneak peek of little J’s big boy room a few months ago on Instagram the first night he slept in it and over the last few months we’ve added a few more pieces of decor to the point where I think it’s “finished” so I thought it would be appropriate to catalog the event. We’ve had some nice sunshine the last few days so I snapped a few pics one day recently after he woke up from his nap.

For those curious, his room is my old office and Alex and I are now sharing what use to be his office. We didn’t change the paint color, just painted the baseball stitching onto the wall (he loves it and shows it off proudly to visitors!), moved out the existing furniture and added little’s J’s stuff. Overall a relatively cheap project – just purchased the bedding, rug, curtains (blackout ones since his room gets amazing afternoon sun and naps are still a must!) and the bed/mattress. All of the decor pieces were gifted or taken from Alex’s collection of Cubs memorabilia.

Despite the¬†grown-up elements of this room, if you look closely at the bed, you can see the dolls on the pillow that indicate he’s still quite the little boy who sleeps with Elmo, Wall-E, and EVE ūüôā



It’s Beginning to Look…

You all know how the line ends…”Like Christmas”. I loved my Christmas decor last year¬†(you can see it here and here) but wanted to do something a little different this year so I actually spent a little money (gasp!) on a few new Christmas decorations this year and am quite pleased with the results. I’ll be ready for them to come down in a few weeks when we get back from our annual holiday travel but they’ve been a pleasant backdrop for the handful of gatherings we’ve hosted over the last few weeks.



I love Christmas cards – this year we got one from Taiwan!


My DIY chalkboard reads – “unto us is born a SAVIOR he is Christ the Lord”. ’tis a great reminder of the reason for the season


This year we let little J help put up the ornaments. He had a good 10 minutes worth of fun with it and has been a champ all month leaving the tree alone.

The surest sign of the season at our house though is the last minute to do list that is currently on my front door and the suitcases in the back of my car. We’re starting our drive¬†to Illinois when Alex finishes school today. Praying¬†little J is as much of an angel as he was this summer, that the weather is kind to us through the mountains, and that our visit is blessing to the family who we are traveling almost 2,000¬†miles (round trip) to see!

The Best Things

I spent a lot of time planning and preparing for and what felt like a lot of money on Thanksgiving this year. And as I’ve reflected back over the last week on Turkey Day 2015 two things stand out as the best things and I spend money on neither of them. Isn’t life funny like that?

Summed up in the last two images below Рthe best things about the start to our 2015 holiday celebration were seeing little J so happily enjoying the sweet gift of friendship throughout the weekend and being able to enjoy November warmth and sunshine with two of my best friends while we waited for our turkey to cook. The food was fine and sure my decorating was nice backdrop but the weekend together was the main event and it was so pleasant but not in the way I expected.



IMG_2482I looked at the date earlier this week and the thought occurred to me that Alex and I moved to Williamsburg three years ago this month. Which means that we’ve now lived here longer than we lived in D.C. and I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived any place in my life besides Illinois. Alex still has one more year before he can make that claim if we’re counting college.¬†Milestones.¬†

It also means that we’ve lived in our house for two years.¬†Milestones.¬†

I won’t get all sappy and sentimental about the time here verses time in D.C. but it’s significant in my heart. And I won’t get all mushy about how it feels to reflect on the fact that we’ve owned a house for two years but I will say that when I pull into our driveway and hear little J say in his cute little voice from the backseat “Home”, it makes me so happy.

We still have a long list of house to-do’s when we can save up the money but it’s been a good two years and I can honestly say that I love this house and it’s near on perfect for us. Though I¬†get stressed about the amount of things that we own, I’m blessed in so many ways to have so many things and I’m so glad we have a place for all of our things. And even though Williamsburg is quite far from lots of people that we really care a lot about, it’s home. At least for now which is a milestone in my heart.

Goodbye and Good Luck

On Monday night we said goodbye to our Tiawanese friends as they’ll be heading home this weekend. They came over for dinner and then taught us how to write “Spring” in Mandarin as it’s a traditional decoration for the Chinese New Year which was just a few weeks ago. It’s only 10 steps but it took us some practice to get it looks decent!

IMG_1847 IMG_1848


As a final parting, they also showered us with gifts which was so sweet of them and totally unnecessary. These¬†included a game that’s like Stretego, a Tiawanese flag {which is currently flying outside our house because Alex was just that stoked about it}


and a traditional Chinese decoration¬†that people put up in their homes for good luck. As I’ve thought about it over the last few days, this last gift was especially fitting as it’s common in the U.S. to say “goodbye and good luck”¬†as a phrase.

Our last few hugs and words were marked with some sadness and as we closed the door after the final goodbye I¬†felt a real tinge of finality in my heart. I hope that it wasn’t really goodbye and good luck forever, but it might be. Only the Lord truly knows.

Adding Interest in Our Hallway

A few quick pictures of a recent home dec project that spruced up our previously super boring bedroom hallway that you see as soon as you walk in our front door. It¬†was a relatively cheap endeavor {details on that below} and I’m liking the mix of shapes and the eclectic yet subdued feel.

My inspiration started here:¬†¬†and here’s the final product – for now at least. {I’m already thinking about ways to change out the prints for various seasons}


And here it is piece by piece with details on prices –



Frame and mat (already had both) & flower print (bought 5 for $5 from this Etsy store)


large frame – $5 at goodwill; framed fabric – $10 at Joann’s. I bought more than I needed so this could have been cheaper, I just wanted to make sure that I got a good piece to frame.
mirror – part of a 3 pack that I bought at Target for $30.
gold frame – bought at a garage sale – $1; print came in the same Etsy set.


Finally, two more mirrors from the Target set. 3 more frames from either Goodwill or ReStore – additional $5, another Etsy print, a free print I found on Google images, and a $5 boxwood wreath from a local floral and home decor store.

Total Cost: ~$60