Sick but Shining

As the days have gotten shorter and the weather has gotten cold much o my dismay, we’ve spent most of the last six weeks sick. Little J has (begrudgingly) taken three courses of antibiotics over the course of them and I’ve been taking lots of allergy medicine. Little J likes his medicine best if he gets to drink most of it through a straw and if he can have a candy chaser. Both tricks have been learned through trial-and-error and needless to say I’ve ended up with a lot of spit out medicine on my shirts and hands over the last six weeks.

I hope we’re finally nearing the end of sickness with the coming cold days of the holiday season and that we’ll be able to enjoy them without all the sniffles, coughs, and earaches. But of course time will tell.

Despite the sickness, I’ve enjoyed seeing little J’s two year personality shining here and there among the coughs and cuddles. Enjoy as I  have a few fun moments from the last few weeks.


little J and the Giant leaf!


creative play because it’s too dark and cold to go outside 😦


Learning that he can drink milk out of the bowl…


is quite exhilarating!


Playing doctor because what else is on your mind when you’re sick?!?


Building a boat…hard hat required!


2 (cakes) for 2 (years)

You know how you thought you did something and then it turns out you didn’t? Yeah. That happened with this post.

Little J’s 2nd birthday was a few weeks ago and since it was his golden birthday and he’ll have to remember it with pictures only, I decided to make a special gold cake. We actually ate it on the 1st after we unwrapped a few golden wrapped presents (play food for his kitchen and an Elmo doll) because we ate dinner at the Richmond airport on his actually birthday so we could hop on a plane to Chicago for the weekend.

On the actual cake consumption, he asked for a spoon and only ate a little. This kid!


Chicago held a family birthday celebration with more cake and a few thoughtful gifts from family. And yes, his face is very close to those candles. He does still have both eyebrows.





After his nap, we headed to Sunny Acres with our families for a little fall fun.

IMG_2561 IMG_2563 IMG_2564 IMG_2566

The rest of the weekend held our 10 year high school reunion and a birthday celebration for my mom.


All in all, we were in Illinois for 44 hours but they were special hours! WHEW!

Fall in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a pretty amazing place to call home and fall is probably it’s finest season. It’s our third one here and I’m caught between reflecting on the last two at the same time as trying to enjoy and capture this one. Here’s a window into where we’ve been and where we are now.

my favorite picture from Fall 2012 – my mom, my sister and me in Richmond on the Capitol grounds


my favorite picture from Fall 2013 – a few days after we brought SBJ home from the hospital


and a few pictures from Fall 2014 – the classic baby & pumpkin motif and SBJ on daddy’s shoulders in downtown CW and hanging out with me in the front yard. the kid loves pulling grass and picking up leaves. 


MIMG_1417 IMG_1426

Fall 2012

So even though it’s only been September for two weeks, I made a new wreath. Yeah, I’m just that ready [or that bored, haha].

With Labor Day behind us and Thanksgiving ahead, we’re entering that time of year when the nights are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter and the kids and the husband are back to school. I’ll admit, I kind of liking having a teacher as my husband because the school schedule is a routine I am so use to that’s nice to keep it in my life.

And although I will tell anyone who asks that I LOVE SUMMER more than any other season, I’m actually stoked about this fall. I put my white pants away without remorse and although I’ll miss the warm summer mornings, my porch and I have already been enjoying the brisker ones. And perhaps more so than I’ve been in many years, I am looking forward to fall.

Probably because we’re finding Williamsburg to be just gorgeous. Countless people told when we were making our moving plans that its “beautiful there” and I kind of dismissed it. We had heard the same thing about D.C. and I, frankly, wasn’t impressed by D.C.’s beauty. But Williamsburg, wow. It is beautiful here. There are so many trees and so much open land. It’s just amazing. I feel like I drive through the forest to get everywhere. Hence my excitement for fall. Plus boots and cider and pumpkins are really fun. And the Surry County Cougars won their football game on Friday night. Plus I’m so excited for Christmas here that I know the coming of fall will be that bridge. Dear fall. Welcome. xoxo, summer lover.