Pregnancy Q&A #2

Whelp…we’re 11 days or less from meeting (Lord willing) the newest member of our little family. Because little J came so quickly and his brother is looking at least as big as he was (head is in the 95th percentile!) on the ultrasound I had this week, my OB allowed me to set June 9th as my induction date. Alex is planning to be done teaching on the 6th and my parents can be here that week as well. Plus if we make it that long, it’ll give me just enough time to finish up what I need to for work.

So I thought I should write up a little pregnancy log before it’s all over just like I did for my first with little J.

Same questions as last time!


In one word this pregnancy has been: present. In the beginning I had awful allergies (apparently there is something called pregnancy rhinitis?) and nighttime nausea. Throughout, because I’ve been more active chasing little J and giving him cuddles, I’ve been conscientious of the size of my belly. I’ve been told more times than I can count that I don’t look pregnant from behind and I’ve gained less weight than with little J. Once again, in the home stretch I have heart burn (when I eat tomatoes and related products), swollen feet, and trouble sleeping but I know it’s all part of the deal and my growing belly and the kicks I feel are welcome because it’s beautiful. This time around because I know more what to expect, it’s been more fun and I’m looking forward to the reward with greater anticipation.

FAQ’s at this point in life are running the gamut, but here’s a few of the most common.

Pregnancy Related…

Cravings? Tacos and ice cream. (Not together!).

Babymoon? Maternity Pics? Again, we opted to do neither. Though we did take our Florida trip which ended up being an special family time.

Carrying the babe? About a week and half ago, he dropped and has been there ever since. My doctor said last week that we’re ready to go, he’s head down and everything else is good to go…now we just wait for the hormones to do their job or the medicine to make them do it.

Birth Plans…

Natural Birth, Scheduled, C-Section? Unless he has his own plan, we’ll be inducing on the 9th. Despite that part, I’m planning to go natural and just see what happens. Once again, not opposed to the drugs if I need them but not going in planning to rely on them. June 9th is a Thursday so I’m planning to stay in the hospital a few nights and come home Saturday.

General Baby Questions…

Do We Have a Name Picked Out? Yep, though as we’ve shared it was a little bit of a struggle. One again, we’ll reveal it at birth but here are the clues.

Nursery theme? We didn’t change anything from little J’s so it’s still Whales – lime green, navy blue and orange. You can see a picture here. Since we moved little J out of this room last October, it’s still gotten a lot of use from friends who have visited which has been really great for them and it’s given little J a lot of time to fully separate himself from that space. He knows it’s baby brother’s room and he loves his big boy room.


Breastfeeding or Formula?  Once again, planning on the former, hoping that we’re able to figure it out with the same amount of ease that little J and I did. There are so many health benefits and it’s so much cheaper! I loved the bond with little J and loved that we were able to do it right up until his first birthday. I hope I can have a similar experience with this one.

Cloth or disposable diapers? Cloth. Again, it’s a cost saving thing and it was easy and convenient with little J. Since he’s been out of them for almost a year, though I’m not totally looking forward to changing diapers again, when I open the drawer where they’re stored the colors make me happy and I’m confident it’s the right choice for us.

Thing I’m most looking forward to postpartum? Getting a real hug from Alex and from little J and wine. A nice glass of red sangria sounds amazing right now.


Baby Name Clues – Round 2

As we did with little J we’re choosing to keep the name we’ve chosen for the new baby a secret until he’s born so that we receive neither confirmation or criticism. As I mentioned before, we struggled with this name a little more than we did with little J’s – going back and forth and still not feeling totally settled about it. We thought we had it when I posted this post and yet, I still wavered and threw an initial idea back into the ring in the last few weeks. We’ve gotten lots of suggestions from family and friends since I posted that post and two people even said they liked it the “chosen” name un-prompted. But the final confirmation came last night when we asked little J which name he preferred and he chose the one the original one – so it’s settled and done.

Without further ado, here are the clues. I will neither confirm or deny any guesses. Good luck!

  1. Like little J, he will have a first and a middle name and since our last name ends in a hard “K” sound, neither of these names will.
  2. His name will follow the same “pattern” as little J.
  3. Like little J, we went for sound and significance over meaning.

On #2

We found out a little over a month ago that baby V #2 is a boy. I have to admit that I had some initial sadness because Alex and I were both so confident that he was a she due to differences in this pregnancy compared to my last and I just was really wanting a girl.

Thankfully the sadness didn’t last much longer than a day and after I got over the “I will really be out-numbered now” feeling, excitement and relief set in. I absolutely love having an two-and-a-half year old boy and sincerely look forward to another journey to this point. The funny thing about having another baby of the same gender as your first is that the prep is so non-existent which has it’s perks (like being able to spend lots of time enjoying little J). All it took was a quick trip to my well-organized bins in the attic and I had drawers full of clothes and shelves full of board books and baby toys. sweet.

Our biggest struggle as couple with #2 has been a name. We had a mile-long list of girls names we liked but were drawing a blank on boys names. I think we’re finally settled on one and as I did before, I’ll be sharing a couple of clues soon.

In the meantime, here’s how we’ve spent our sporadic-weather February. Outside time when it’s been warm enough, a quick visit from my parents, the completion of another sessions of mommy-and-me gymnastics at our Park District, and lots of block-building. And yes, little J basically only wears baseball shirts. Such is life.




This is our view out our back windows this morning. It’s about six inches of snow and is quite lovely. The downside is that we’ve been housebound for 2+ days, our road will not get plowed, and church is cancelled today. Ah, life in southern VA.

For occupation over the last few days we’ve built puzzles and read lots of books and lots of cuddling. All lovely things as well. I’ve also found myself baking a lot (though I’m now out of eggs and running low on milk…should’ve planned ahead a little better!).

Speaking of baking…I’ve neglected to write in this space that I’m doing some internal baking too. On baby #2 🙂 Said baby will be joining us, Lord willing, mid-June. We told our immediately family right around the 9-week mark, close friends and our church family at the 13-week mark, and extended family and friends in our Christmas card (see below for our announcement picture which was taken the first week of December, ah life in southern VA!).


We hope to find out the gender this coming week and I’ve started to feel some soft kicks so it’s getting a little more real. The pregnancy itself has gone quite quickly and it’s hard to believe we’re almost half-way done. Second trimester has been much kinder as I’ve lost my evening nausea and have been able to sleep much better. I do have a hunch on baby’s gender but we’ll wait to see if he/she wants to play nice this week before I have to eat my words.


October Baby


October Baby

It’s October – which means it’s officially baby month! AND WE CANNOT WAIT.
In the meantime we’ve been working on small items around the house including this little piece which is now in the kitchen. It’s already serving as a good reminder for us as we seek to patiently wait on this little one.

want one more name clue? he’ll have a theme song.

baby name clues – part 2

A few weeks ago, I gave three clues about the name we’ve chosen for our little guy.

You can review those here.

Here’s clues #4-6:

4. Alex was really concerned the royal couple would choose one of the names.
5. I’ve already told you that we chose both names because of men we respect. His first name is named after a historic American and his second is a historic non-American. Both men are writers.
6. He’s going to have a lot of possibilities for nicknames, though we plan to stick with using his full first name until he tells otherwise.

Do you know what his name will be yet?

The New Abode – Part 2

As promised, additional house pictures! We still have lots of things planned as far as painting and decorating but at least this will give you an idea of the rest of the house.

The Master Bedroom:
Favorite features included the vaulted ceiling, the fan, and the built-ins in the closet (not pictured).


And Master Bath:
It’s totally functional and is a nice size — just dreaming of modernizing it.
IMG_1689   IMG_1690

The Nursery:
This room isn’t a bedroom because it doesn’t have a closet and we’re not sure what the previous owner meant for it to be when they built it along with the master edition. But as soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to be used for the nursery because it’s immediately outside of the master bedroom and directly across from the laundry closet. SCORE big time. It’s a tiny room, but he’s going to be  tiny little thing for a while so it’ll totally work.


The Guest Bedroom and Bath:
This room was a  HUGE selling feature for me. It was the old master suite and I love that it has an in-room bathroom especially because both sets of our parents live out of town. Our plans include paint and art work and bathroom modernization. Yes the bathroom walls are a light pink/lavender colored (and so are the insides of the closets in the bedroom!)

IMG_1738  IMG_1737

The Office:
Bedroom #3 is currently serving as our office. It’s bland right now, but its one of the most used spaces in the house.


The Empty Room:
Bedroom #4 currently has nothing in it. It’d be great to have another bed in it, but I think I may start to feel like I’m running a bed and breakfast if I have more than one guest room. When we grow into this house a little more, it’ll definitely be useful!


The PINK Bathroom:
Pictures of this room were not included on the listing sheet, for obvious reasons. I hate it, Alex loves it. Either way, it’s totally 50’s. Yes that tile goes all the way around the tub. Yes, that sink is really gross. Yes, the mirror and light fixture will be the first updates we make. And no, I do not want my children and guests to my home to have to use this bathroom. But for now, it’s a working bathroom and will have to do. Oh, and peeling paint on one of the walls reveals that they use to be pink as well. Classy.

IMG_1659  IMG_1661  IMG_1668  IMG_1660

The Family Room:
Remember the room that I said Alex hated in this post?? It’s been transformed into a comfortable, functioning, odor-free family room! It still needs a little artwork love but it’s a great room.



And finally, we’re still missing pictures of the living room because the living room is still missing it’s statement piece – a new couch. It’s a race  to see which will be delivered first – it or baby V. A full post about the living room coming with it’s arrival.