A day in our life

I mentioned a while ago I wanted to jot down what our days look like. Mostly for my memory. This is a non-preschool day for us in this season of life.

5:30AM – my alarm goes off and I hop in the shower
6:00AM – the boys wake up. Little J walks in our room and baby D talks in his bed. They get their milk and we read a book on the couch
7:00AM – Alex leaves for the B&B, we make breakfast. Little J picks out a cereal and a CD for us to listen to. His favorites are Star Wars and other movie soundtracks (Lion King, Braveheart, the Patriot, and We Were Soldiers).
8:00AM – Baby D goes down for a nap. I grab my computer and catch up on emails and start a few projects for the day while J watches a little TV. After his show is over we play games, go outside or do art projects.
Between 9:30 and 10:00 – Baby D wakes up. We play or run errands. I try to get outside everyday.
12:00PM – we eat lunch. Again, little J picks out a CD. We clean-up.
12:45PM – we start our nap time routine. D goes down first. I read three books with J, turn off his lights and lay by him. We sing a song. He always asks me “mommy can you sing me one more song and sleep in my bed five minutes?”
1:15/1:30 – I get back to my email and my projects. I make phone calls if I need to.
3:00/3:30 – I hear stirring from one or both bedrooms. More milk. Another book to read on the couch. We play and wait for Daddy to come home. If we have a sitter, she’ll manage them while I finish up my work for the day or have meetings.
4:30 – Playtime with daddy. On nice days, it’s baseball outside. On rainy days, it’s soccer or hockey inside. D watches and chews on whatever suits his fancy.
5:15/5:30 – I finish up work and start dinner.
6:00 – we eat dinner and clean-up. Then it’s off to bed for the littlest. He’s in bed by 6:30 six out of seven days a week.
7:00 – We start J’s bedtime routine which includes getting on his pajamas, getting a gogurt out of the fridge and watching part of a movie. Then it’s teeth brushing, a devotional, and 2 books. Once again, I turn off his lights and lay by him. We sing a song. He always asks me “mommy can you sing me one more song and sleep in my bed five minutes?”
8:30 – Alex and I clean and ready the house for the next day. We call or see friends. We play a game, watch a show, or talk about the B&B.
11:00 – We get ready for bed so that we can do it all again tomorrow 🙂


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