Wonder Woman, John, and Independence

img_4343Little J has become obsessed as of late with Wonder Woman. It started with a costume they have at his school. For the last few weeks that’s been his favorite toy there and his favorite subject to find Library books on when we go there. We had one for 9 days and I’m pretty sure I read it 4 dozen times. We’re emphasizing he’s a boy so he can’t be her but he’s crushing hard. Since then space is my journal – I’m writing this down for fodder in 10 years 🙂

We’ve also crossed some developmental bridges in the last few weeks that deserve a record. Little J now has an invisible friend! His name is John and he lives in North Carolina. He likes baseball and Star Wats and loud music. J takes the train to visit him.

He also has newfound bathroom independence – start to finish on his own including washing his hands – PTL. And this afternoon he used a chair to reach a light switch. Life gets more interesting by the day.


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