1/2 a year

img_5964Wow is all I can say once again. It’s pretty hard to believe that we’ve got a 6 month old in our midst and that in the next few month his little personality will begin to debut, his muscles will continue to develop toward walking, jumping, and the like.

At his doctor’s appointment yesterday little D weighed in at 19 lbs. and measured 27 inches. Unlike his brother who is currently in the 5th percentile for growth, little D’s in the 75th right now. Time will tell if that trend continues.

We still have not seen him roll – perhaps because 19 lbs. is a lot to move? – but Alex did find him on his belly once in his bed this week. He is sitting though with limited assistance. Solids are going well…his hair remains mostly brown…and his little arms and thighs are pudge-tacular.

Over the next month, we’ll host our first Virginia Christmas – because of the B&B we’re not traveling so my parents and siblings are coming this way for a change. Praying that the stress will be low, the joy will be real, and this face will be a cheer to many.



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