5 months

img_5901Determined to remedy the foibles of last month, I’m starting this post 3 days early – WHAT?!? Yes.

Month 5 has been in a word – eventful. Baby D finally got to meet his paternal grandpa and one of his great grandparents as Alex’s 87 year old grandma traveled to Virginia for 10 days. She’s inspirational on so many levels but that’s another post! We started solid food and cold turkey cut out nursing before naps once we got in a little bit of a routine with eating.



We also had to make a trip up to Richmond to see a head specialist on the recommendation of our local pediatrician. The specialist was great and she was totally unconcerned about the flat-ish spot on the top of his head. We’re suppose to wait until January and if it’s not getting better, we’ll see her again.

We celebrated D’s first Halloween. Little J wanted to be Chewbacca so naturally D had be Han Solo. We dressed up twice this year, once on Saturday to Trick-or-Treat in CW which was really fun and then on Monday night for the real deal once again with our friends the Boord’s and my sister near their house in Toano.

And finally, the CHICAGO CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES. Of course baby D has no idea what that means nor was he awake to watch a single game but we had a party for the first game of the series and hooped and hollered and danced with the best of them after the absolutely incredible suspense -riddled game 7. How cool is that baby D has never lived in a world where the Cubs are the lovable losers?


In other news D is growing, growing, growing. He weighed 17.2 lbs in Richmond two weeks ago and he’s wearing mostly 6 month clothes now. In the last week he’s learned to stick out his tongue and his giggle has gotten more pronounced. He’s not quite rolling yet but he’s closer. He loves sitting up and standing up whenever he’s got someone willing to help him. I think he and he Johnny Jumper will also be good friends.


Love you little man, can’t believe I’ve had the privileged of taking care of you for almost half a year!


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