4 months…1 week


I so desire to keep up with this blog space for memories sake but I find so little time to actually do it these days. Ayi. Without trudging all the way through the gory details of how I spend my waking hours (and there are many these days!), suffice it to say that little D was four months old a week ago (the same day as our first B&B wedding) and I snapped his commemorative photo on my phone and Wednesday and am finally getting around to posting it today.  Ayi.

A week and half ago at his check-up he weighed in at 16.12 lbs and measured 25 inches long. So…despite us feeling like he is bigger than J was at this age, they are almost exactly the same! He’s doing great at night, sleeping through almost every night. Like J he is definitely an early teether which is causing some nap issues and some night sleep disruption but we’re managing. He’s also managed to figure out how to suck his thumb quite estutly in the past month.


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