3 months!


Baby D turned three months old this week. And we’ve got miles and miles of smiles. And rolls and rolls of chubby baby arms and legs. His dark hair remains but it’s got light brown/blonde streaks in the right light and his eyes are piercing blue.

As we’ve gotten ourselves more managed over the last few weeks, he’s mellowed out some with his naps (though we still have a few rough days each week) and he’s been sleeping from 6PM-6AM with just a dreamfeed before I go to bed for about a week now. Can I get a hallelujah?!?  As mom life would have it, the first two nights he slept through little J woke up in the middle of the night but alas. Sleep reigns in our house for all for now.

My general impression of baby D at this point is that he’s significantly more smiley than J was at this point in life, perhaps because that’s the only way he can keep up with the chaos around him. We’ll get him weighed and measured next month at his check-up but he’s growing well (already filling out some 6 month clothes!). We’re 1/4 of the way through his first year and I look forward to all the milestones that lie ahead.

As I did with little J, I made a short video compelation for baby D’s first three months. EnJoY!



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