2 months!

IMG_5678Our house is a whirlwind of activity these days and I would have forgotten to mark baby D’s two month at all had my mom not mentioned it (even though it occurred to me over the weekend!). I’m almost a week late in posting this but you’ll likely forgive me if you read this post.

When we went to the doctor last week he weighed it at 12lbs 3oz and measured 23 inches long. He’s still all cheek! His dark hair remains though it is certainly lightening up. His sleep has been very inconsistent but the blame likely lies with me not him as I’ve been all over the place emotionally and physically because of the new endeavors (more coming on that in this space once it all calms down a little – so next year? Ha.) It was sweet day when his smiles started appearing two weeks ago (a little earlier than I expected to be honest) and since then it feels like their sole purpose is to keep me grounded in motherhood.

Dear little D – thank you for being a warm body to snuggle in the midst of the chaos. Please be patient with me while we muddle through the next few months. We’ll get it all figured out eventually.



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