1 month

As I did with little J, I wanted to catalog baby D’s first few months via pictures and snippets. I reread my 1 month post about little J (you can do that here if you really want to) and know that mentally I’m so far from where I was then. Perhaps it’s a difference in circumstances, perhaps it’s a difference in their temperaments, perhaps it’s just the fact that I’m not a first time mom – but I was challenged by the words I wrote back then and resolve to think a little more like that in the days to come.

Quick Stats:

He won’t take a pacifier for very long but he does like with occasion. His longest nighttime stretch has been four hours and last night was the first night he only woke once in the middle of the night which is progress! He’s got a loud cry and we hear it a lot – hungry, tired, etc. he definitely wants to make sure we meet his needs. And we go through a lot of outfits and sheets because he’s a spit-er .

But that hair though and those cute cheeks…I think we’ll keep him!



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