Pregnancy Q&A #2

Whelp…we’re 11 days or less from meeting (Lord willing) the newest member of our little family. Because little J came so quickly and his brother is looking at least as big as he was (head is in the 95th percentile!) on the ultrasound I had this week, my OB allowed me to set June 9th as my induction date. Alex is planning to be done teaching on the 6th and my parents can be here that week as well. Plus if we make it that long, it’ll give me just enough time to finish up what I need to for work.

So I thought I should write up a little pregnancy log before it’s all over just like I did for my first with little J.

Same questions as last time!


In one word this pregnancy has been: present. In the beginning I had awful allergies (apparently there is something called pregnancy rhinitis?) and nighttime nausea. Throughout, because I’ve been more active chasing little J and giving him cuddles, I’ve been conscientious of the size of my belly. I’ve been told more times than I can count that I don’t look pregnant from behind and I’ve gained less weight than with little J. Once again, in the home stretch I have heart burn (when I eat tomatoes and related products), swollen feet, and trouble sleeping but I know it’s all part of the deal and my growing belly and the kicks I feel are welcome because it’s beautiful. This time around because I know more what to expect, it’s been more fun and I’m looking forward to the reward with greater anticipation.

FAQ’s at this point in life are running the gamut, but here’s a few of the most common.

Pregnancy Related…

Cravings? Tacos and ice cream. (Not together!).

Babymoon? Maternity Pics? Again, we opted to do neither. Though we did take our Florida trip which ended up being an special family time.

Carrying the babe? About a week and half ago, he dropped and has been there ever since. My doctor said last week that we’re ready to go, he’s head down and everything else is good to go…now we just wait for the hormones to do their job or the medicine to make them do it.

Birth Plans…

Natural Birth, Scheduled, C-Section? Unless he has his own plan, we’ll be inducing on the 9th. Despite that part, I’m planning to go natural and just see what happens. Once again, not opposed to the drugs if I need them but not going in planning to rely on them. June 9th is a Thursday so I’m planning to stay in the hospital a few nights and come home Saturday.

General Baby Questions…

Do We Have a Name Picked Out? Yep, though as we’ve shared it was a little bit of a struggle. One again, we’ll reveal it at birth but here are the clues.

Nursery theme? We didn’t change anything from little J’s so it’s still Whales – lime green, navy blue and orange. You can see a picture here. Since we moved little J out of this room last October, it’s still gotten a lot of use from friends who have visited which has been really great for them and it’s given little J a lot of time to fully separate himself from that space. He knows it’s baby brother’s room and he loves his big boy room.


Breastfeeding or Formula?  Once again, planning on the former, hoping that we’re able to figure it out with the same amount of ease that little J and I did. There are so many health benefits and it’s so much cheaper! I loved the bond with little J and loved that we were able to do it right up until his first birthday. I hope I can have a similar experience with this one.

Cloth or disposable diapers? Cloth. Again, it’s a cost saving thing and it was easy and convenient with little J. Since he’s been out of them for almost a year, though I’m not totally looking forward to changing diapers again, when I open the drawer where they’re stored the colors make me happy and I’m confident it’s the right choice for us.

Thing I’m most looking forward to postpartum? Getting a real hug from Alex and from little J and wine. A nice glass of red sangria sounds amazing right now.


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