A Few of My Favorite Things


I love this kid. Sooooo much. We’ve reach what feels like a golden stage which even if it’s just calm before the storm that’s going to follow with new baby, I am so so thankful for.

Favorite Thing #1 – His imagination has blossomed. Any given day he’s a fire-fighter and a baseball player and a construction worker. Sometime all within an hour.

Favorite Thing #2 – His love for books. He can literally sit in his room for 20-25 minutes and look at this books/retell the stories. It’s incredibly entertaining to listen to him.

Favorite Thing #3 – His understanding of the English language has increased so much within the last two weeks. He’s using appropriate pronouns and verbs and he’s almost always able to help me understand what he’s talking about using synonyms and context.

Favorite Thing #4 – Hearing him say “spicy” and “actually” in his little boy voice and the fact that he still says “Gep” instead of “Yep”. It’s so cute that made it’s way into the family vocab on both sides of the family.

Favorite Thing #5 – The fact that he’s turned the the “Jaws” theme which is what I say when we play with his sharks in the bathroom into “Donut, Donut, Donut”.

Favorite Thing #6 – How good he is at baseball. Take a look below.



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