Who Are Those Kids?

The images below were capture 10 years ago. 10 years July or August, I forget now which. Seriously, who are those kids?

As I approach my 29th birthday in a few days and stand on the precipice of two very big life changes I find myself in a rare moment of self-reflection. Thinking back to where I was decade ago which is captured by these pictures. Carefree. In Illinois. In love. Headed to IWU to start my sophomore year of college in the fall. Williamsburg wasn’t even a blip on my mind.

And what about now? Where am I now? Loving this town that I get to call home. Realizing that I need to mentally start preparing to welcome another little one into the world. And totally unsure of what the summer will truly hold but excited to spend it with the goofy boy in the pictures below and to take on our newest set of adventures together.





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