Baby Name Clues – Round 2

As we did with little J we’re choosing to keep the name we’ve chosen for the new baby a secret until he’s born so that we receive neither confirmation or criticism. As I mentioned before, we struggled with this name a little more than we did with little J’s – going back and forth and still not feeling totally settled about it. We thought we had it when I posted this post and yet, I still wavered and threw an initial idea back into the ring in the last few weeks. We’ve gotten lots of suggestions from family and friends since I posted that post and two people even said they liked it the “chosen” name un-prompted. But the final confirmation came last night when we asked little J which name he preferred and he chose the one the original one – so it’s settled and done.

Without further ado, here are the clues. I will neither confirm or deny any guesses. Good luck!

  1. Like little J, he will have a first and a middle name and since our last name ends in a hard “K” sound, neither of these names will.
  2. His name will follow the same “pattern” as little J.
  3. Like little J, we went for sound and significance over meaning.

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