An itch, a pattern, and roots. Serious roots.


Easter Sunday Family Pic

This summer Alex and I will celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary. 7 years! Which of course is that itch year right? When people get restless and bored?

Well, praise the Lord that Alex and I are definitely not bored of each other but we are mutually dissatisfied with our careers and we’re both itching to find something new. Something that will allow us to be family oriented, productive and creative.

Which leads to me to think that our life is following a pattern. Two months before little J was born we closed on our house and now we started the process of another one almost exactly two months before my due date for the next baby V – this time for a B&B. Operating one has been a long time dream of mine and many, many things have come together to make the time now and the place Williamsburg, VA.

Which means we’re putting down roots, serious roots, in the city that has captured our hearts. Someday soon I hope to write more about how excited we are about this opportunity and what all that has come together to make us sure that this is the next chapter of our lives but for now, please say congrats and good luck. And if you think we’re a little crazy – that’s ok too 🙂



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