2.5 years old

IMG_3229I’m weeks late in posting this but little J is now 2 1/2!

His curly hair and love for baseball remain two of his distinctions. His personality is equal parts caring and goofy. He’s still pretty much a vegetarian though he will eat bacon and hot dogs. He doesn’t have a big sweet tooth either (which is totally fine!). He still sucks his thumb and is still napping every day for at least two hours. Our “terrible two’s” have been comprised of only minor issues thus far…a few tantrums, a little bit of potty-training regression, and some bedtime struggles…so we feel very fortunate. We did have a coloring on the wall incident this morning but nothing else too offensive to date.

He’s a joy to be around and richly enhances our lives each day. The next six months are going to be interesting but he’s already shown us he’s pretty easy going so we’re excited to take him along for the ride!





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