On #2

We found out a little over a month ago that baby V #2 is a boy. I have to admit that I had some initial sadness because Alex and I were both so confident that he was a she due to differences in this pregnancy compared to my last and I just was really wanting a girl.

Thankfully the sadness didn’t last much longer than a day and after I got over the “I will really be out-numbered now” feeling, excitement and relief set in. I absolutely love having an two-and-a-half year old boy and sincerely look forward to another journey to this point. The funny thing about having another baby of the same gender as your first is that the prep is so non-existent which has it’s perks (like being able to spend lots of time enjoying little J). All it took was a quick trip to my well-organized bins in the attic and I had drawers full of clothes and shelves full of board books and baby toys. sweet.

Our biggest struggle as couple with #2 has been a name. We had a mile-long list of girls names we liked but were drawing a blank on boys names. I think we’re finally settled on one and as I did before, I’ll be sharing a couple of clues soon.

In the meantime, here’s how we’ve spent our sporadic-weather February. Outside time when it’s been warm enough, a quick visit from my parents, the completion of another sessions of mommy-and-me gymnastics at our Park District, and lots of block-building. And yes, little J basically only wears baseball shirts. Such is life.



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