This is our view out our back windows this morning. It’s about six inches of snow and is quite lovely. The downside is that we’ve been housebound for 2+ days, our road will not get plowed, and church is cancelled today. Ah, life in southern VA.

For occupation over the last few days we’ve built puzzles and read lots of books and lots of cuddling. All lovely things as well. I’ve also found myself baking a lot (though I’m now out of eggs and running low on milk…should’ve planned ahead a little better!).

Speaking of baking…I’ve neglected to write in this space that I’m doing some internal baking too. On baby #2 🙂 Said baby will be joining us, Lord willing, mid-June. We told our immediately family right around the 9-week mark, close friends and our church family at the 13-week mark, and extended family and friends in our Christmas card (see below for our announcement picture which was taken the first week of December, ah life in southern VA!).


We hope to find out the gender this coming week and I’ve started to feel some soft kicks so it’s getting a little more real. The pregnancy itself has gone quite quickly and it’s hard to believe we’re almost half-way done. Second trimester has been much kinder as I’ve lost my evening nausea and have been able to sleep much better. I do have a hunch on baby’s gender but we’ll wait to see if he/she wants to play nice this week before I have to eat my words.



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