I posted a sneak peek of little J’s big boy room a few months ago on Instagram the first night he slept in it and over the last few months we’ve added a few more pieces of decor to the point where I think it’s “finished” so I thought it would be appropriate to catalog the event. We’ve had some nice sunshine the last few days so I snapped a few pics one day recently after he woke up from his nap.

For those curious, his room is my old office and Alex and I are now sharing what use to be his office. We didn’t change the paint color, just painted the baseball stitching onto the wall (he loves it and shows it off proudly to visitors!), moved out the existing furniture and added little’s J’s stuff. Overall a relatively cheap project – just purchased the bedding, rug, curtains (blackout ones since his room gets amazing afternoon sun and naps are still a must!) and the bed/mattress. All of the decor pieces were gifted or taken from Alex’s collection of Cubs memorabilia.

Despite the grown-up elements of this room, if you look closely at the bed, you can see the dolls on the pillow that indicate he’s still quite the little boy who sleeps with Elmo, Wall-E, and EVE 🙂



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