Word Pictures

IMG_2934.JPGPictures are worth a thousand words they say. And although I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with the one above, it’s been on my mind constantly lately.

Alex and I have discussed at length recently with each other and with friends that we are fully cognizant that little J has entered what I like to call the “sponge stage”. He’s got enough language to at least an attempt a repeat of anything we say and enough mobility and curiosity to mimic us all day long. It’s terrifying.

And yet, the picture above speaks to me and challenges me all at once. I switched to Method dish soap this fall and love that I can picture it with my sponge. Because despite the sponge’s qualities, we’re trying to have a method to our days. A method that includes routine and fun and specifically chosen words and phrases that are repeated through the day in the midst of the other inane and silly things we say. Heart training words like “that’s not kind” and “get self-control” and “be patient”, hoping that one day these will lead naturally into discussions of the fruit of the Spirit. And of course, there will be mistakes and mis-steps and things that come out of his mouth or things he does that we will slap ourselves for mentally…but we’ll wipe them up and move on by the grace of God. 


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