Through and Through

This shirt is little J’s latest obsession.


He got it for Christmas from his “Mi-Ma” and has worn it three time since Christmas Day (which was 10 days ago). It’s his favorite color and has pictures of a baseball, basketball, soccer ball, and football. All things he is equally obsessed with. He is a little boy…through and through.

A little boy who…
– traveled like a champ over the last two weeks
– has gained self-concept over the last month as he’s finally able to say his own name (sorry about saddling you with a hard one buddy!)
– and had a blast playing in the basements of his “two bumpa’s and two mi-ma’s” (his words for grandpa and grandma respectively) and his aunts and uncles over Christmas holiday. He took constant inventory of who was around making sure he knew where everyone (including the dogs!). Maybe he’s got to makings of an event planner in him!



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