It’s Beginning to Look…

You all know how the line ends…”Like Christmas”. I loved my Christmas decor last year (you can see it here and here) but wanted to do something a little different this year so I actually spent a little money (gasp!) on a few new Christmas decorations this year and am quite pleased with the results. I’ll be ready for them to come down in a few weeks when we get back from our annual holiday travel but they’ve been a pleasant backdrop for the handful of gatherings we’ve hosted over the last few weeks.



I love Christmas cards – this year we got one from Taiwan!


My DIY chalkboard reads – “unto us is born a SAVIOR he is Christ the Lord”. ’tis a great reminder of the reason for the season


This year we let little J help put up the ornaments. He had a good 10 minutes worth of fun with it and has been a champ all month leaving the tree alone.

The surest sign of the season at our house though is the last minute to do list that is currently on my front door and the suitcases in the back of my car. We’re starting our drive to Illinois when Alex finishes school today. Praying little J is as much of an angel as he was this summer, that the weather is kind to us through the mountains, and that our visit is blessing to the family who we are traveling almost 2,000 miles (round trip) to see!


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