Sweeter Still

IMG_2717A few months ago I shared about how sweet it was to hear little J’s first utterances of “mommy”. As everything does, its become commonplace now and thus lost its charm most times. I do however get random hugs accompanied by “Hi Mommy” that melt my heart and ring in ears that are mostly deaf to  the tenderness that no doubt still flows from his heart when he says my name the seemingly thousands of times a day that he does.

All that to say that it has been sweeter still to hear another word come from his mouth these last few days. He is a point where his vocabulary is growing daily and as the Christmas season is now upon us, “tree” and “light” are now a part of his parlance. I’m also trying to introduce him subtly to the Christmas story through a handful of board books and discussions about our Nativity set. That other word you ask? Jesus, the baby in Mary’s arms, the holy child of Bethlehem, the reason for the season. I love asking him “What’s the baby’s name?” and hearing his sweet little voice respond “Jesus”.

And I pray that he will come to know Him as the one who casts out sin and enters in as his Lord, Emanuel.


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