Sick but Shining

As the days have gotten shorter and the weather has gotten cold much o my dismay, we’ve spent most of the last six weeks sick. Little J has (begrudgingly) taken three courses of antibiotics over the course of them and I’ve been taking lots of allergy medicine. Little J likes his medicine best if he gets to drink most of it through a straw and if he can have a candy chaser. Both tricks have been learned through trial-and-error and needless to say I’ve ended up with a lot of spit out medicine on my shirts and hands over the last six weeks.

I hope we’re finally nearing the end of sickness with the coming cold days of the holiday season and that we’ll be able to enjoy them without all the sniffles, coughs, and earaches. But of course time will tell.

Despite the sickness, I’ve enjoyed seeing little J’s two year personality shining here and there among the coughs and cuddles. Enjoy as I  have a few fun moments from the last few weeks.


little J and the Giant leaf!


creative play because it’s too dark and cold to go outside 😦


Learning that he can drink milk out of the bowl…


is quite exhilarating!


Playing doctor because what else is on your mind when you’re sick?!?


Building a boat…hard hat required!


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