Language Aquisition

I’ve been interested in language acquisition since I read a book my junior year of college about a child who was raised in isolation in a single room. At the age of 5 when he was rescued, he had no language. I don’t remember the name of the book but it broke my heart and made me contemplate double majoring in linguistics and therapy for a few weeks.

I obviously didn’t take the route but I’m now deep in the weeds of the linguistic study I’ve been waiting years to undertake – how to children actually learn language?

The answer is a question itself. “What-ist-ith?”. (translation: “What is this?”).

A question that little J asks me 3,000 times a day at 25 months. It takes us what feels like forever for us to read books these days because he won’t let me turn the page until he has asked “What-ist-ith” about every single picture on the page. He asks the question for almost every noise he hears and every thing he touches through the day. Hence my 3,000 estimation. How happy I am that I get asked this question and then little J is acquiring a language!

My brief study has also lead me to conclude that when children learn English, nouns come first, then pronouns, then adjectives and then verbs and adverbs. We’re not to the later two yet but he said me for “My big blue ball” a few days ago and my heart skipped a beat! We’re almost to sentences!

Excited to be on this journey with him and can’t wait to see what his mastery of the English language (and perhaps others!) will produce!


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