2 (cakes) for 2 (years)

You know how you thought you did something and then it turns out you didn’t? Yeah. That happened with this post.

Little J’s 2nd birthday was a few weeks ago and since it was his golden birthday and he’ll have to remember it with pictures only, I decided to make a special gold cake. We actually ate it on the 1st after we unwrapped a few golden wrapped presents (play food for his kitchen and an Elmo doll) because we ate dinner at the Richmond airport on his actually birthday so we could hop on a plane to Chicago for the weekend.

On the actual cake consumption, he asked for a spoon and only ate a little. This kid!


Chicago held a family birthday celebration with more cake and a few thoughtful gifts from family. And yes, his face is very close to those candles. He does still have both eyebrows.





After his nap, we headed to Sunny Acres with our families for a little fall fun.

IMG_2561 IMG_2563 IMG_2564 IMG_2566

The rest of the weekend held our 10 year high school reunion and a birthday celebration for my mom.


All in all, we were in Illinois for 44 hours but they were special hours! WHEW!


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