Latergrams from Labor Day Weekend

Life is moving fast. Between an event that I’m chairing for my Junior Woman’s Club, working to get people to our 10 year high school reunion, and trying to put a little bit of pomp together for a special little man’s 2nd birthday – free hours are (once again) few and far between. Ay. I sense a pattern in my life. Yi.


My college roommate (and one of my best friends) spent about 65 hours in Virginia over Labor Day weekend. Last time she visited we did a whirlwind tour of D.C., this time we took on Williamsburg. The pace was slower with little J in tow but he was a welcome companion.

She got the “Vlk special” which included breakfast a Five Forks, the farmers market, a stroll through CW which included stops at the stocks, the giant tree, and our favorite place to feed ducks behind the Williamsburg Inn, the library, Jamestown Beach, a ghost tour, and dinner at Food for Thought. The time was short but we made great memories.

IMG_0787 IMG_0800 IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0808 IMG_0818 IMG_0820


2 thoughts on “Latergrams from Labor Day Weekend

  1. Wishing James a HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!!! He is a “special” little boy and growing so fast. We love you all!

    P.S. I love your blog and all the pictures too!

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