On Personality – take 2

IMG_2506this time last year I wrote a little post about little J’s developing personality. I thought it’d be fun to do the same thing a year later, so I once again asked Alex for his three words…

ebullient (this one came up last year!) and spunky came to mind for him. credulous and fickle were also discussed as contenders but he did concede that these are likely traits of any young child. Since he didn’t come up with three, I’ll add compassionate and charming.


Two of my favorite recent moments that illustrate his budding heart follow….
1) he’s been going to daycare a few mornings a week and I always pick him up at lunchtime. Before we can leave he has to wave bye-bye and give high fives to every kid in the class. His teachers say it’s not something they’ve taught nor something they’ve ever seen another kid to.

2) recently Alex put him to bed and he wanted to take a stuffed dog to bed with him even though he’s not in the habit of sleeping with anything besides a blanket. Alex got him ready and put him in his crib with the dog. When Alex stood up to leave the room, little J said “Daddy, ‘mancake’ arf-arf”. As soon as the dog had it’s own blanket, little J laid down to go to sleep.

Oh tender heart, I look forward to shepherding you with the help of the Great Shepherd.


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