Twenty-three months

IMG_2486I have a kitchen chalkboard calendar that I redo it at the beginning of each month. I had a few extra spaces after writing out the dates for September so I continued into October. Which of course meant that I had to add little J’s second birthday to the calendar. EEEK.

It just so happened that the day turned 23 months earlier this week he was wearing a white shirt so I decided to snap a quick picture as a nod to the month by month pictures (so different….) I stopped taking a year ago.  Not my favorite picture of him but it’s likely indicative of his attitude toward me these last few weeks.

We’ve been working off of less sleep because he’s been waking before 6am every morning for at least a week and half and we’ve been working on toilet training at which we have good and bad days but we’re still blazing ahead. Additionally as the two year old mind set works its way into our lives we’re working on manners and he’s testing all his old boundaries again. He’s also learned to scream which is incredibility unpleasant.

He’s also probably working on his final molars (hence the finger in his ear) and he like his mommy has some serious allergies this time of year.

The turn to 23 months is a little foggy (sleep deprivation and allergies both playing a serious role) and a little frustrating (discipline and toilet training) and that’s the honest truth. But we’re headed to Illinois for our 10 year high school reunion on little J’s birthday which – reunion aside – means a quick visit (and of course a celebration with our families!) and time with two of our best friends – so that right now is the light at the end of the 23 month tunnel.


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