IMG_2482I looked at the date earlier this week and the thought occurred to me that Alex and I moved to Williamsburg three years ago this month. Which means that we’ve now lived here longer than we lived in D.C. and I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived any place in my life besides Illinois. Alex still has one more year before he can make that claim if we’re counting college. Milestones. 

It also means that we’ve lived in our house for two years. Milestones. 

I won’t get all sappy and sentimental about the time here verses time in D.C. but it’s significant in my heart. And I won’t get all mushy about how it feels to reflect on the fact that we’ve owned a house for two years but I will say that when I pull into our driveway and hear little J say in his cute little voice from the backseat “Home”, it makes me so happy.

We still have a long list of house to-do’s when we can save up the money but it’s been a good two years and I can honestly say that I love this house and it’s near on perfect for us. Though I get stressed about the amount of things that we own, I’m blessed in so many ways to have so many things and I’m so glad we have a place for all of our things. And even though Williamsburg is quite far from lots of people that we really care a lot about, it’s home. At least for now which is a milestone in my heart.


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