IMG_2441My favorite word mis-pronunciation of little J’s these days is “mancake”. He uses this word for pancakes and blankets. I giggle everytime. He asks for a “mancake” muliple times a day because when he’s not asking for baseball and “arf-arf’s” (his word for dog despite our prompting and encouragement to use the real word) books are his favorite occupation and blankets are an essential part of enjoying books in his mind. I haven’t read a whole book on my own in a number of months now but I’ve read plenty of his plenty of times. Here’s a favorites for the record book:

A Great Day for Up (part of little J’s Christmas present last year)


Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site


Little Blue Truck
shopping (1)

…And his. Though he can’t read he’s got a word or a sound effect for every page of the first two and for whatever reason he stares and stares at the third. He loves it.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

shopping (2)

Mr. Brown Can Moo

shopping (3)

We’re Going on A Bear Hunt

shopping (4)

Love my little J and his love for books and “mancakes”. Reading and cuddling never gets old.


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