Summer Vingettes

IMG_2222 IMG_2212 IMG_2209 IMG_2201

IMG_2232 IMG_0903 IMG_0891 IMG_0888IMG_2231Summer, summer, summer! My favorite season is here and it’s glorious.

A morning play-date at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and then showing my brothers a “pretty-good-it-was-alright-except-for-the-heat-and-then-everyone-got-the-stomach-flu-and-you-got-stuck-in-Richmond-on-the-way-home” kind of time. CW (it’s it gorgeous?), Jamestown Beach, and more blueberry picking (and pie making) were on the agenda for the extended weekend.

And then the whole Kelley Fam (mom and dad too, just not pictured) was here for Father’s Day 2015 so we got some pictures taken (hence the matchy-mathcy). Other fun first’s for little J this month – his first baseball game (he was terrified of the mascots!) and his first round of golf.

Oh summer, won’t you stay forever??


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