IMG_203820. 20. 20. A double digit number that starts with a 2….I steady my racing heart and remind myself that time is just doing its natural thing and marching, marching, marching on.

We officially said goodbye to his morning nap this week (read: his morning chatter session/afternoon sleep killer/mommy’s headache and anxiety) and routine once again is reigning in our house. PTL. Of course we now have hours and hours to fill of time but we’re learning together how to do that.

His favorite things to do are draw, play with tools, and be outside. We don’t watch TV shows but we do allow him to watch the occasional baseball game (which he loves) and puppy videos on YouTube. Tools, dogs, baseball. This is life with little J.

IMG_2039 IMG_2012

He’s an intense kid. And loud. And though he’s growing his vocabulary – he’s got more sound effects than words at this point. Following in his daddy’s footsteps he’s already an entertainer and readily tries to make us laugh.

Teach me O Lord to number my days…


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