Have you heard that newer Zac Brown Band song called “Homegrown“?

It’s been in my head a lot recently as a way to describe my life right now. Lyrics include the following…

I got some good friends that live down the street
Got a good looking woman with her arms ‘round me
Here in a small town where it feels like home
I got everything I need and nothing that I don’t
Homegrown, Homegrown

Williamsburg may not be a small town to everyone but it’s the perfect kind of small for me. It takes 10-15 minutes to get everywhere and has enough things to occupy one’s time with if you’re up for a simple life. Take our Memorial Day as my proof.

In between little J’s naps we took a two hour excursion to the James River beach that’s three minutes from our house and then crossed the street to Jamestown and briefly toured the museum and let J climb through one of the ships. {total cost: free! residency perks!)

Needless to say, he’s happy he’s homegrowing in Williamsburg. {and yes, in case you’re wondering he had a wardrobe change…he somehow couldn’t manage to keep himself dry with the waves calling his name 🙂 }

IMG_2061[1]Our day ended with friends, a grill, a fire in our new fire pit. s’mores and the confirmation that yep, this small town sure feels like a wonderful place to call home.


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