On Becoming Ma-Ma

Little J finally started saying ma-ma with regularity this week. It’s still sweet to my ears every time. He points to pictures of me and says it and points to women holding a babies in books and says it then and he says things like “ma-ma up”. My heart is melting thinking of it as write.

Interestingly, this week I feel like I’ve earned another stripe in mothering. One that makes me a little more worthy to be in the ranks of so many ma-ma’s out there. A nasty cold (maybe a flu bug?) rocked our house this week. J came down with it after Alex and we spent Friday night more awake then asleep and in fits of tears. The subsequent nights weren’t much better and needless to say, we haven’t left the house much the last few days as I’ve now (of course) also contracted said bug. I’m thankful that my parents are here to led extra hands but sad that they’ve had to have a visit plagued with sickness and nighttime tears.

On an ironic note, in addition to ma-ma, little J has added bug to his vocabulary this week. Though he of course means the kind that one finds on the ground. He’s also become a really good hugger. Much like his first kisses (which have sense gone by the way-side) each hug is special and tender. He throws his arms around me with intensity and hangs on tight. He’s a lover this one  is.


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