17 months

I’m late posting a monthly update on little J because our Illinois trip was unexpectedly longer than we planned so that little J and I could stay around so we could attend his great-grandfather Vlk’s funeral.

Despite the sadness, there were so many merciful things about the details of last week. {as I write this it’s hard for me to fathom that it was only 10 days ago}. The fact that J and I were already there and that Southern VA got a foot of snow that allowed Alex to have a day at home to grieve and then another “free” day to travel so that he actually got 6 days because of the weekend for the price of three away was wonderful. And then of course that this little ball of excitement was able to lift so many spirits including his grandpa’s with his constant cries for “boom-ba” {foosball}. He’s so obsessed in fact {watch the video below} that when my dad walked into the funeral parlor he yelled “boom-ba” across the room hoping that my dad would take him to play because in his little head there must be a table everywhere. Logical when you think about it since the Kelley house and both Vlk houses have one 🙂

Other things to note about 17 months…since it’s getting warmer we’ve ditched the sleep sack and he’s now sleeping with a blanket. And we’re in the midst of serious language explosion. He’s got words that start with “h’s” and “p’s” and my babysitter thinks she’s heard him say “thank you” “no touch” and “fish”. Gone are the days when everything’s starting with a “b” or a “d”! Also, hilariously though his first word was “dog” he’s now moved onto calling them “woofs” and barks whenever he sees one. Last Wednesday during church as he pulled out a book about dogs from our diaper bag, I leaned over to Alex and said “he’s going to start barking”. Not five seconds later, he did. Right in the middle of church as Alex and I suppressed giggles.

I end this post with the picture taken of the great-grandpa Vlk and little J taken on Christmas Day 2014. It’s the last one we have of two of them together. He left a great legacy with his grandchildren and we plan to teach little J all about him.



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