Goodbye and Good Luck

On Monday night we said goodbye to our Tiawanese friends as they’ll be heading home this weekend. They came over for dinner and then taught us how to write “Spring” in Mandarin as it’s a traditional decoration for the Chinese New Year which was just a few weeks ago. It’s only 10 steps but it took us some practice to get it looks decent!

IMG_1847 IMG_1848


As a final parting, they also showered us with gifts which was so sweet of them and totally unnecessary. These included a game that’s like Stretego, a Tiawanese flag {which is currently flying outside our house because Alex was just that stoked about it}


and a traditional Chinese decoration that people put up in their homes for good luck. As I’ve thought about it over the last few days, this last gift was especially fitting as it’s common in the U.S. to say “goodbye and good luck” as a phrase.

Our last few hugs and words were marked with some sadness and as we closed the door after the final goodbye I felt a real tinge of finality in my heart. I hope that it wasn’t really goodbye and good luck forever, but it might be. Only the Lord truly knows.


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