16 months

IMG_5270At 16 months little J is a ball of energy. This kid needs to be run ragged in order to take his naps (yep, he’s still taking two). He’s got about a 6-10 word vocabulary depending on how you count it. Done, dog, bird, duck, bubble and daddy are all very clear. Hi, bye, ma-ma, and balloon are there but are either not as clear or not as frequent. And he calls himself “Dom”.

His favorite toy of late is a workbench we got second hand from friends. He’s also started to show affection to stuffed animals which is adorable. He loves being outside. He walks around the yard picking up sticks and chasing birds for as long as I can stand the cold.

He’s eating well and he has gotten better with meat and cheese and seems to prefer pork to beef or chicken. At 16 months he’s fully weaned from the bottle (this cup was the magic one fwiw for other mamas. It took a while to find the one) and is learning to use a fork which is quite entertaining. He’s been healthy all winter (PTL!) save one ear infection in October. Two of his molars have finally come in this month which means he’s up to 10 teeth total.

During naps our house is quite quiet these days. Elaine moved out January 15th and parting with her did lead me to a few tears. She gave us a framed picture of the picture in this post and wrote a beautiful note on the back about how grateful she was for our home, our friendship and for little J bringing her joy everyday. The last part really hit my heart. How sweet it was to hear that he, despite his age, had done this.

February will bring trips to Maryland for the whole fam, Chicago for little J and I, and D.C. for Alex. Though it’s a short month, we’ve already got most of it planned and since little J makes new discoveries everyday, I look forward to learning with him this month as we travel and wait patiently for spring.


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