Christmas – Part 1

Today was a whirlwind day of co-hosting the semi-annual Ladies Tea for my church {thankful, so thankful for a helping husband who is willing to hang out with little J on Saturdays so I can do things like this!} and starting new family traditions.

We opted to stay in Williamsburg for the weekend after Alex finished school this year so he could teach another Sunday at church and so for the first time, we have a weekend to catch a breath before heading off to Chicago to celebrate with family. Since we’re housing Elaine and little J is getting older, I thought it would be a great time to start some traditions.

So…we ate burritos on our fine china {classy, I know} and pulled out the crystal champagne flutes for a toast over dinner. We also had some treats that were used at the tea earlier in the day and then after dinner was cleaned up, we read the Christmas narrative from Luke 2 and opened presents.

Elaine wrote us a sweet card and made an adorable goldfish ornament for us along with some really thoughtful gifts including some adorable gloves for little J. A fun and memorable evening indeed.




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